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Textiles (MA)

Tomoyo Tsurumi

Tomoyo Tsurumi is a textile artist who delves into the realm of invisible and subtle interactions within space and material, bridging the gap between presence and absence. Through her work, she experiments with various materials, pushing the boundaries of techniques, with a particular focus on weaving and its structural possibilities.

Her artistic practice involves capturing imperceptible layers and floating elements in the atmosphere, reflecting fragments of possibilities across different sites through the medium of textile. By translating the hidden dialogues of the atmosphere using textiles, she reinterprets space to create a contemplative experience that contrasts with our media-saturated world. Captivated by the in-between spatial context, she seamlessly incorporates textiles to manipulate the atmosphere, resulting in a fluid and sensorial engagement with subtle phenomena.

Tomoyo's exploration involves questioning perceptions and challenging the hidden possibilities of emptiness. She expresses the concept of in-betweenness through materials, visualizing transitions and interactions that occur within spaces. By using materials to introduce contemplative experiences, she poetically weaves together the collective voices of space, material, and people. Through her textile works, she creates opportunities for audiences to engage with hidden possibilities, believing that the materiality of textiles raises body awareness and connects individuals to their surrounding environment.

Tomoyo Tsurumi's artistic achievements include being a recipient of the Nomura Foundation Art and Culture Scholarship Grant in 2023, the Textile Society Grant in 2023, and the Pola Art Foundation Grants for Oversea Study in 2022.

Tomoyo Tsurumi profile image

Listening shapes,

Reading a pause, an interval, and a distance,

Feeling echoes of elements and reflection in-between.

The process of collecting the voices of elements in the atmosphere is subtle.




Through her textile installation titled 'absence of absolute,' Tomoyo Tsurumi weaves together the collective voices of nature, materials, and people, transforming ordinary spaces into immersive experiences that invite audiences to engage with space and time. Inspired by the multifaceted Japanese concept of 'MA' (間), which represents the interplay of space and time accumulated in the atmosphere, Tomoyo aims to create a sensory and contemplative experience that challenges perception in our media-saturated world.

Her poetic exploration of the subtle nuances of space seeks to reconstruct the lost sensation and attachment to materials in an era where technology often hinders direct perception. By encouraging audiences to actively engage with space and time, she invites them on an interactive and spatial journey that transcends intellectual analysis and connects with the profound dialogue floating in between.

landscape view of textile installation in the public
side view of installation
textile interacting with space; with wind and plants
detail shot of woven textile
detail shot of woven textile with plants at the site
close shot of woven textile with flower interacting together.
installation of woven textile at far
installation of woven textile at farm
detail shot of textile installation at farm
fabric detail shot
detail shot of woven fabric at farm
installation shot at farm
installation shot at farm
installation shot at site
detail shot of fabric