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Design Products (MA)

Tiria Shen

Tiria Shen is a passionate designer and researcher who delves into human potential and our relationship with non-human entities. Through her work, she aims to awaken self-awareness and deepen our understanding of the broader ecological context. Tiria pursued her studies at the Royal College of Art following a BEng degree in Industrial Design. Her goal is to act as a catalyst for positive societal development by critically examining design principles and practices while bridging interdisciplinary boundaries for a more holistic and impactful design approach.

Tiria is sitting on one of her bench.

As a designer, I believe that the essence of design lies in its operational logic and its ability to make a positive impact on the world. Despite our limitations as humans, there exists boundless potential waiting to be unleashed. I'm excited about the future of my design journey, embracing both challenges and opportunities. I hope to explore uncharted territories, question conventional norms, and navigate new paths within the realm of limitation through practice.

Project Brief

NON-SENSE transforms ordinary furniture to create unexpected experiences. The project challenges users to rethink the objectivity of artifacts, igniting curiosity and prompting exploration. By transcending visual causality, it celebrates human subjectivity, empowers and engages the human body.

Inventing Sitting
wood base in progress
two terrain pieces
two terrain pieces
Bench - work in progress

Project Brief

WEEDS investigates the possibility of Ryegrass producing a variety of material textures depending on how it is bred. It expresses the diverse potential of plants and reflects on the rapid industrial production. The degree of human involvement in grass cultivation, the material production cycle, and the natural decay of grass materials are all discussed in terms of how we can use natural resources more sustainably and relocate humans in the ecosystem.

Making Weeds - a Context Experiment
The Sewing Machine
Grass Harvesting
Material Samples