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Architecture (MA)

Tammy Lee

Tammy is a multifaceted individual who thrives as an architectural designer and artist, with her presence spanning across Toronto, the UK, and Hong Kong. Her creative passions encompass abstract art, sculpture, installation pieces, and, of course, architecture. Her work delves into the intricate relationship between architecture and humanity, considering both our psychological and physical awareness. Tammy's primary goal is to enhance the misconception of our community than to foster greater understanding, drawing inspiration from the perspectives of both humans and animals. She is deeply intrigued by the diverse cultural and social backgrounds we inhabit and the subtle yet profound connections they share with the architectural realm.

 Scented Flowers

Perfume represents an exquisite form of art that merges the scientific process of crafting scents with the aesthetic enjoyment of fragrance. It not only holds a significant position in relation to our personal identity but also serves as a powerful medium for self-expression. The unique nature of scents offers a platform to convey cultural and social importance, trigger memories and emotions, and seamlessly integrate into our daily rituals and routines.

The Perfumery Innovative Research Centre functions as a dynamic platform aimed at addressing underlying challenges within the perfumery industry. By placing an unwavering focus on sustainability, cultural appreciation, and consumer well-being, the project endeavors to transform the perfumery sector into a more responsible and conscious field that aligns with the values and aspirations of our society. This transformation involves utilizing natural and organic ingredients, fostering innovation and creativity in scent creation, and promoting a sense of accountability towards the environment.

Scented Flowers
Perfumery Scent CatalogueFloral; sweet, flowery, delicate, fresh, and romantic scent profiles; Oriental; warmth, sweetness and exotic, with a rich and sensual scent profile; Woody; has an earthy and sweet undertone vice versus the smoky and leathery smell, the mysterious and captivating scent; Fresh; is the essence of cleanliness, crispness, and revitalisation, evoking a sense of energy, vibrancy and a connection to nature
Overall Plan
The layout of the research center prioritizes intuitive wayfinding and seamless connectivity. The open floor layout is creating a sense of spaciousness and flexibility, and the spaces encourage exploration, and discovery, with the fluid pathways leading the users from one space to another, This arrangement would fa,cil,itate collaboration, interaction, and a sense of discovery as visitors navigate through the different areas of the center
Design Proposal
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Picture 02
Diorama 01
Diorama 02