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Design Products (MA)

Sungjun Yu

Sungjun Yu is an Innovation Designer currently based in London, originally from Seoul, South Korea.

After graduating from Hanyang University in 2019, he began his career in the education field, working as a design and art teacher for several years. At the same time, he passionately immersed himself in the field of product design as an independent designer, exploring its potential and honing his skills.

He is also a musician with extensive experience in music and performance, specializing in playing the drums and synthesizer.


Royal College of Art, London, UK (2022 - 2023) MA Design Products

Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea  (2013-2019) BFA Applied Art Education

Western Kentucky University, Kentucky, US (2018) Exchange Student - Art Education

Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK (2018) Design Summer School

Gunmyungwon(Non-profit Private Educational Institution) Seoul, South Korea (2021)

Work & Relevant Experience 

Head Art Teacher - Soongmoon High School, Seoul, South Korea (2021 - 2022)

Design Teacher - Design Deokwon Arts High School Seoul, South Korea (2019 - 2020)

Pre-service Art Teacher - Warren County Art Education program at WKU for local student, Art Program at Warren Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Observing and student teaching at Morgantown elementary school, Art2Dream at WKU(Art program for elementary student), VSA new understanding(Art program for student who need special education), Kentucky, US (2018)

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I firmly believe that by enhancing our fundamental human senses, we can significantly contribute to improving our world, fostering greater understanding and empathy among individuals.

My primary interest lies in the creation of sound experiences through a playful and educational system. I am passionate about developing innovative ways to engage people with sound, allowing them to explore, learn, and connect on a deeper level.

What if our auditory perception could be enhanced? What if we could perceive sound with heightened intricacy and richness? Furthermore, imagine the prospect of immersing ourselves in carefully curated audio, creating a bespoke auditory landscape. Imagine the seamless integration of these captivating sounds into our environments and digital artefacts that progressively become a part of our daily lives.

The objective of Sound Brick is to elevate our overall sense of sound and auditory experience by presenting an initial system that enables us to explore and experiment with sound. With this system, the user can facilitate the process of deconstructing and reconstructing sounds. Moreover, in the subsequent stage, it allows us to embed delicately customized sounds into our surrounding environment.

A person using Sound Brick to experiment sounds.
A person using Sound Brick to experiment sounds.
a hand putting a cartridge on the module
A person using Sound Brick to experiment sounds.
A person using Sound Brick to experiment sounds.
Close up shot of modules


Mixed Media


6x6x6cm (each)
Single Signal Input Module (MIDI)
Signal Input Module (MIDI)The Signal Input module is capable of receiving MIDI signals from external instruments or sequencers, among other functionalities. It serves as the control hub for all the modules within the system.
single Cartridge Percussion Module
Cartridge Percussion ModuleThe Cartridge Percussion Module generates physical sound by striking a specially designed cartridge sheet, which produces distinct sounds based on the material and structure of the cartridge. The cartridges are placed on the module.
Single Pull percussion module
Pull Percussion ModuleThe Pull Percussion Module generates physical sound by employing a mechanism that involves pulling down and releasing a small component made of a specific material.
Single Audio Sampling Module
Audio Sampling ModuleThe Audio Sampling Module is equipped with a built-in microphone that enables the recording of the surrounding soundscape. Additionally, it has the capability to playback the recorded audio. By using a rotating wheel, allows for precise control over the sound pitch by adjusting the speed of the sampled sound.
Single Knob Module
Knob ModuleThe Knob Module allows for the assignment of diverse controlling functions, including effects, features, modulations, and manipulations. Users have the ability to connect the knob module to a specific module and exert control over its sound characteristics.
Single Audio Output Module
Audio Output ModuleThe Audio Output Module connects with external sound systems or sound embedding systems, allowing for the seamless delivery of curated audio.
Pitter Patter is a sound interface that responds to the rain which is an unpredictable natural signal. This is also a one-day prototyping experiment made with soda cans, lolly sticks, and metal wire.
Making Process


Mixed Midea



Hanyang University