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Information Experience Design (MA)

Sofia Wang

Sofia Wang, an interdisciplinary motion designer from Portugal, now residing in London, explores themes of decolonial design and surveillance capitalism.

Her practice focuses on digital media, incorporating dynamic motion graphics, 2D/3D designs, sound, and interactive elements.

While pursuing an MA in Information Experience Design, Sofia Wang is actively exploring the realms of worldbuilding and design fiction. These vital components of her studies fuel her passion for research, which she intends to carry forward in her future endeavours.

Black & white portrait of Sofia

During my MA studies, I focused on researching surveillance capitalism and employed digital methods to craft an interactive audio-visual story. This work delves into the tensions between free will and control within the realm of surveillance capitalism, highlighting its technological manipulations.

I have chosen to use the means of worldbuilding and design fiction as the framework for this piece, because it allows to form reflective thinking about the "present" and "futures".

Research question

To what extent can interactive storytelling methods depict the conflicts between our will to control and the manipulative nature of surveillance capitalism

Preview video


How does an extreme surveillance capitalist world look like? 

What kind of life/daily scenes would one encounter within such context? 

Lastly, would one be making daily decisions based on his/her own will, or, is everything predicted and manipulated by the capitalist mechanism?

This interactive story invites audience to delve into this world and reflect upon every decisions that one can make. By choosing different options throughout the piece, the audience will experience different endings/outcomes.

Snippets of the story
Snippets of the story
Creating the fictional company using Behavioural Value Reinvestment Cycle
Taken from Zuboff's The Age of Surveillance Capitalism (2018)
Image showing mind map & worldbuilding exercise
Sketches of the world
Cookie game snippet
Cookie game snippet
Cookie game snippet
Cookie game snippet

We Want Your Privacy

A 'Cookie' game, where you need to find 'Reject All' to proceed to the next level.

Discover how our privacy and data are prized commodities, concealed within the subtle workings of our digital lives.


Digital mixed media

Data Tracking is Fun!

In combination with the Cookie game, this motion graphics piece show cases how the fictional company 'Terra' uses colourful graphics and intriguing phrases to glorify their data mining mechanisms, disguising it as something interesting.


Motion Graphics