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Information Experience Design (MA)

Sijia Chang

《Parallel Whispers》 2023 Sijia Chang

Two-channel audio-visual art installation. Produces different emotional audio for the left and right ears, and generates corresponding interactive images. Divides the audience's bodily sensations into two, allowing them to feel the emotional process of motherhood anxiety.

standing alone by the sea

Sijia is an experimental artist who emphasizes the pursuit of unique expression and experimental characteristics in her art practice.

Her previous works have focused on the passage of time and the construction of personal memories. Through visual art and installations, she attempts to capture and express the fragility of time and the transformations of memory.

Her recent project explores the intersection of generative art and music, creating experimental works that sensualize emotional information.


Two projectors display different visual elements in dim light.
"PARALLEL WHISPERS," is primarily inspired by the contemplation of maternal anxiety in the age of information. Consumers, under the influence of commercialism, are impacted by fragmented information that shapes their consumer behavior decisions. People find themselves bound by a one-sided knowledge system constructed by fragmented information, which leads to the development of anxiety during this process.
Maternal anxiety is a common emotional experience for many mothers during the process of raising children. This anxiety may stem from concerns about the safety and well-being of their children, expectations regarding education and development, and societal expectations placed on mothers, among other factors. By connecting this anxiety with commercialism and fragmented information, it triggers contemplation on the societal pressures and influences imposed on mothers within the realm of culture.
A wall with many parallel rays of light
By linking these two concepts with maternal anxiety, the author explores the challenges and conflicts experienced by mothers in a culture of consumption and information overload. Through the immersive experience of this art installation, the audience can perceive the complexity of maternal anxiety and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of commercialism and fragmented information on mothers and consumers.
Group of people standing together with rope in their hands
This workshop explores the multiple meanings of the rope as a symbol. The rope not only represents the physical properties of the umbilical cord, which connects mother and baby but also has the meaning of psychological connections such as family bonds. However, at the same time, it also symbolizes restraint and bondage. The workshop aims to provoke reflection on the symbolism of the rope, and an exploration of the balance of intimate connection and personal freedom in family and parent-child relationships.
A lot of fruits are neatly stacked on a long table
Props are placed on a table, and "Red Rope" is written on a distant display
Some people are playing games on the table with a rope.
Many people hold ropes in their hands.