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Fashion (MA)

Sirui Li

Sirui Li is a designer who is deeply attuned to the nuances of emotions and possesses a profound passion for life. She ventures into unexplored realms that often go unnoticed by the masses. Her works emanate from the depths of her being, intertwining the individual self with the collective consciousness. Through relentless observation and contemplation of these intricate connections, she incessantly questions the purpose and value of her existence. With meticulous devotion, she delves into the study of seemingly inconsequential emotions, allowing them to find expression within her creations.

Inspiration and ideas for my project, including recycled robotic arm composition and installation concepts.

Project Overview 

The project draws inspiration from electronic waste, emphasizing the significant role of electronic devices in our lives. As "producers" of e-waste, robots and Al are increasingly influential in shaping society. Their growing functionality and prevalence raise questions about how we should perceive and interact with them. Through the project, I explore recycling robot arms and designing robot devices, gloves, and costumes. This prompts reflection on our attitudes towards Al and robots and their impact on us. While the future of Al and robots is uncertain, contemplating our relationship with them allows us to address relevant issues for our future existence. Al and robots mirror our self-worth, reflecting our thoughts, expectations, and perceptions within the realm of technology and innovation.

Sketches of the installation design and initial experimentation session with 3D printing
Device design session 1
3D printing of device designs and 3D model modification sessions
Device design session 2
The final presentation of the 24 installations
Exploring Interactions between Closed-loop Systems: A Study on Robotic Behavior and Motion Simulation
Emulating Human-like Actions: Robotic Behavior and Motion Simulation Experiment
Combined 3D Effects Showcase
Combined 3D Effects Showcase
Robotic Glove Prototype Experiment
Robot glove fabric experiment
Robot glove fabric experiment
3D Robotic Glove Prototype
3D Robotic Glove Prototype
Reflections on the relationship between humans and robots
Al vs. Human Reading Behavior Comparative Experiment
Al vs. Human Reading Behavior Comparative Experiment
AI encourages experimentation
Wip show
Performance Art: Interweaving Time and Space - A Dialogue Between Man and Machine