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Service Design (MA)

Simoni Shah

“you make your practice, your practice makes you”

I like to cultivate my practice in 3’s.

My Design practice helps me think,

my Yoga practice helps me not to think,

and my Buddhism practice helps me to reflect.


Aditya Birla World Academy (IBDP, 2018)

Goldsmiths (BA:Design,2021)

Royal College of Arts (MA: Service Design, 2023)


Graphic Design Intern (Studio Samarpan, 2019)

Visual Strategist (Concept PR, 2021-2022)

Junior UX Designer (Media Monks, 2022)

External Activities:

Yoga Teacher Certification (Yoga Institute, 2021)

Head of Yoga Society (RCA, 2022-2023)

I can see how my different practices compliment and helped me become a trans disciplinary designer. I aim to continue cultivating my practices and keep learning.

Simoni Shah

During my time at RCA I have learnt how to apply critical design in examining services and journeys. I am keen creating holistic services, that are not only user centric but are eco-centric as well.

I find my practice questioning how can we help reshape “professionalism.” My undergraduate project helped me explore how work - life balance can be recreated.

Having to adapt to the new style of working over the past three years has been critical in my design practice. It has widened the opportunity of how we can better build and create new work-life solutions. The timing of our master’s has allowed me to explore and to think about new ways to help regulate our emotions in a workplace environment. This project has allowed me to further explore new ways of working.

In the future I would like to explore how can we use critical design to help build a more holistic future.

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