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Digital Direction (MA)

Simin Zhong 钟思敏

Post Modern

Technology seems to be liberating women, but under the influence of a patriarchal society, it has become a tool to awaken women's reproductive function. Breastfeeding, while emphasizing the importance of women, the patriarchal society makes breast-feeding become a mandatory measure through medical technology, which awakens women's feeding function. It seems that the technology of oocyte cryopreservation is guiding women to break away from the patriarchal society based on heterosexual marriage, but it is a helpless measure for women to cope with the reproductive pressure in the patriarchal society. Assuming that society finds that technology is beneficial to human reproduction, is it possible that oocyte cryopreservation will become a compulsory measure and oppress women again? Science and technology used to be a way for women to fight for their reproductive freedom, but now it is constantly emphasizing women's reproductive function and gradually becoming a means to oppress women.

Technology is changing our lives, and guiding the human form of life, but the future of fertility guided by technology is now more like an emphasis on awakening women's reproductive function, and women are being objectified again. It reminded me of the birth stories of emperors in ancient Chinese mythology, in which women received the grace of the gods and became the instruments for the birth of the Son of Heaven. I think it's very similar to women now, but God becomes technology. I have attempted to design a VR museum that exists in the future. There is a womb installation that reflects the relationship between women, reproduction, and technology.

The work is presented in RCA-DD graduation show - The Wondering (I), which was exhibited at Outernet London.
The work is presented in RCA-DD graduation show - The Wondering (I), which was exhibited at Outernet London.

Simin is a digital visualization artist. 

Throughout her practices, she has had the opportunity to work on various projects, from 3D animation to virtual and augmented reality experiences.


One of my main practices is "Who am I?" My works convey the gender issues that "I" encounter in East Asian society through various digital visualization. It actually discusses the plight of women in a patriarchal society. Women are in a state of "losing their voices" in the context of East Asian culture. Women's issues have always deserved more attention, and she hopes to create more profound and reflective works.