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Fashion (MA)

Shurong Yang

Shurong Yang is an interdisciplinary speculative designer who is actively engaged in shaping the future, employing imagination and design to present possibilities that move beyond human-centered perspectives.

Shurong merges the realms of bio-science and culinary art by situating her own body as a space for experimentation, challenging the existing hierarchical systems of consumption that place humans above other beings. By raising the controversial topic of anthropophagy, she prompts the audience to redefine what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable human behavior, and to consider our relationship with food, population, and resources.

Shurong's objective is for her audience to depart with questions rather than answers after experiencing her work.


Population growth has led to the impending expiration date of the current menu, making anything edible a potential food source in the future. We must seek new resources to replace our current food preferences. By substituting human tissues and serum as the raw materials for lab-grown meat, speculative designer Shurong Yang leads us to transform ourselves into food ingredients. Compared to the historical taboo of cannibalism, imagine the scenarios that would unfold with the emergence of a new "cannibalistic culture". What will happen if human cells can be considered as bio-ingredients?

"We cannot expect our future to emerge based on rigid instructions.

While working towards the future is an urgent issue, constructing the future has never been about providing a definitive answer."

Cooking for future, Performance
Performance of culturing meat based on human tissue
Shurong in-vitro meat
performance object, tools materials
Being food for others
human plate
human plate
human plate

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