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Fashion (MA)

Jiyun Xia (Tsunagi)

JIYUN XIA is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the balance between multiple identities. Combining fashion and diversified media become her identity. 

Her work is nomadic at the intersectionality of fashion and sound, believing that sound is an invisible energy field, which birthed the direction of Sonicwear. 

Her work focuses on sound, wearable devices, and the application of digital interactive technology, presenting a hybrid of nature, technology, and magic.


Her work has been featured in the RED EYE Metazine.

s̺̯ͯ̀t̙͍̜͎̻̜ͯ̀̈̕ͅͅo̸̙͎͔̱̗͓̽̚n̘̦̫̗̜͖͓͊̄͒͘ỷ̼̟̺̠̯̺͓̹̋ͣ̑͜ ̤̲͗͆͢v̸̤̲͓̦̊ͥ̓͗o̢͕̣̠̱̻͉̪͗ͤ̆iͥ̾͏̺͍͇c̭̼͉̮͑͠e̷̺̝̦͇̠̓͊̋

The roaming swarms of fish diving into the sand through non-linear time

Artificial stars glitter in the bosom of the swamp

There used to be my homeland 

The water gears are turning

rhythmically shredding the neural network of rocks

Within the whisper of stones

 coding the curse of shaman

Where are the boundaries of matter? 

Faith beyond the binary

Ancient magic locked in a hybrid intelligence system

Born in the dust, returned to the dawn

Stony voice is the evolution of interaction and co-cooperation with nature. Based on animism, sympathetic sorcery, sound alchemy in the energetic entanglement of ancient technological biome, proving the mobility of high-tech magic and the existence of paranoid hallucinations. JiYun Xia’s work creates an ancient beginning of Anti-Anthropocerntrism with a non-binary logic, sympathetic system and speculative perspective to reconstruct a transcendentalist landscape of mixed reality, which tears the boundaries of space-time and substance and writes an open ending of past and future: When technology is regarded as an ancient magic, it born from the dust and reverts to the dawn.

stony voiceExploring the intersectionality of digital shamanic practices, technology, and nature through ambient ecology soundtracks, 3D-printed fashion installations with interactive program in non-Linear narrative.
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Stone core: the evolution 001
Stone core: the evolution 002
Stone core: the evolution 003
Stone core: the evolution 004
Stone core: the evolution 005
A Glimpse of the Future Ritual: Womb, Cyborg, Sympathetic Neuron System
A Glimpse of the Future Ritual: Womb, Cyborg, Sympathetic Neuron System [live performance]

Looking outward into the world from the perspective of the womb: exploring technology, the body, spirituality, and the energy of life, experiencing how the sympathetic nervous system tears through the boundaries of matter in a ritualistic scenario. The intersection of ancient spiritual practices and future rituals is explored in a non-linear expression through ambient electronic music, generative digital moving images, and 3D printing technology, connected by interactive programming. Cyborg's body carries a mix of identities. Human, machine, and beast combined: summoning otherworldly energy to surrender spirits. Post-Anthropocene debris creates Stone Age electronic lullabies and non-dualistic technological allegories.