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Animation (MA)

Rusne Draguneviciute

Rusnė Dragūnevičiūtė is an animator from Lithuania.

In 2022 she graduated from University of the Arts London with a bachelor's degree in Animation Arts and chose to continue her artistic development at the Royal College of Art.

A photo of Rusnė Dragūnevičiūtė

Currently, my work delves into themes of memory, hauntology, and the influence nostalgia exerts on the human psyche and its creative manifestations. I invite viewers to join me on this introspective journey, to explore the labyrinths of their own recollections and the impact they have on their lived experiences.

Working with analog techniques such as watercolor, printmaking, or in the case of my current film, soft pastel presents a constant challenge that encourages me to relinquish complete control and embrace imperfection. The unpredictability of the analog demands a level of surrender, allowing the materials to guide my process.

An excerpt of my final film.


Soft pastel, 2D digital
image of three girls in a lake
Concept art
person swimming in the lake at night
an animation of a girl in the lake holding a cigarette
interior of a car with a person sitting in the passenger seat
an illustration of a shirt left on a pier
storyboard of girls going to the lake
Coloured storyboard
Storyboard of girls going to the lake