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Animation (MA)

Rui Jiao

Rui Jiao is an animator and visual designer from China. She received her undergraduate degree from the Communication University of China in theater, film and television art and design. In her past work, she has been involved in various visual fields such as film production design, theatrical stage design, and graphic illustration. She is dedicated to using different forms of visual elements to tell stories. Now she focuses on using 2D animation to tell the topics she wants to express. Her work often focuses on the exploration of the inner world of the self, discussing the character's relationship with the self, with society, and with the world.

A photo of a girl who is doing animation in front of the desktop

Most of my projects are about the exploration of the inner self. As I was growing up, I found that I was confused about myself most of the time. I didn't understand why I made all the choices I did, or why I was changing or understanding my emotions. So this project is both an expression of how I feel about this topic.


2D animation
The protagonist's room layout design in the real world
still image