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Fashion (MA)

Ross Palmer

Ross Palmer is an English designer who grew up in a small village outside of London. His practice takes an interdisciplinary approach spanning sculpture, photography,fashion, and performance. Previously graduating from Central Saint Martin’s where he studied Fashion: Menswear, he wanted to further his practice beyond the conventional realm of fashion.

Wax heel

Through my postgraduate work “The invisible presence”, I aim to experiment and focus on those mundane and everyday nuances of the way the body responds to the environment and that ghostly presence between the skin and the garment being worn. This is a body of work centred around numerous different sculptures made from leather,bronze, and wax incorporating the collaborative presence of the viewer and these performances only being visible by the naked eye. Within this dynamic these sculptures all take a multi-sensory approach with the use of numerous smells being placed within them or suffocated within their space. I offer a moment of reflection for the individual observing my work and hearing the noise of such sculptures and how these sculptures can also smell? Working instinctively, these sculptures wrap around the skin of the models in a space.

My work focuses on the handmade details and craftsmanship to ensure every detail is considered and thoughtful with bespoke fastenings made in bronze and hand-woven antique linens which are waxed using traditional methods. Where my practice uses other fabrics and materials, these are exclusively deadstock/antique fabrics, solely natural fibres, or leather by-products. Spanning the gap between art and fashion by creating wearable sculptures incorporating dis-used bronze and waxed materials. My work is centred heavily around photography to inform my creative process using subversive and unusual print methods.

Antique trouser with wax knee sculpture
Antique linen trouser with moulded wax knee piece.
Waxed shorts
Waxed shorts detail
Pattern pieces for jacket
Moulded leather shoe
Wax foot
Wax knee sculpture
Scented knee sculpture.
Scent samples
Initial scent sample - The memory of light.
Waxed jacket
Scented garment using 19th century hand waxed linen.
Drawings of body
Models back
Foam CNC body
Metal glove
“Trace of a memory” is based upon rekindling those key memories in your lifetime… by using the sense of smell.   It aims to be a
Wax noses on shelf
Wax nose sample
Wax noses on shelf
developmental page of wax nose sample

Trace of a memory

“Trace of a memory” is based upon rekindling those key memories in your lifetime…

by using the sense of smell.


It aims to be a “memory on demand” bringing those memories back to life…


I see it as that “Lump in your throat moment”.


Smell is the superpower of all our senses,

when it comes to memory – because of its ability not only to bring back the memory of an event with vivid visuals in one’shead... 


But because of the unique power of scents to rekindle the feelings associated with a memory.


Shoulder with painted creasing
Creasing on skin
Linen sample with painted crease marks
Linen sample with shoulder crease paint
Sample of linen with paint
Linen sample of knee