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Painting (MA)

Rizpah Amadasun

Far from the rolling hills of The Cotswolds, Rizpah makes a new home for herself in the majestic art world of the big smoke. On the brink of completing her second world class qualification, she is already an established spoken word artist, having performed at the Cheltenham Literature Festival for two consecutive years, among other accolades. The relationship with painting is vibrant and energetic, intrigued by the journey rather than the destination, Rizpah indulges in a plethora of platforms to paint. Courage is the overarching theme. Considering the representation of the Black British figure Rizpah delves into fantasy, desire, emotion, realism, colour and shapes as a language to express individualism.

Through colour is sound, movement, sadness and love.

People escape into art

Art escapes out of me

More than a form of expression

Paint oozes from every pore

Creating prisms of enlightenment and darkness around me

Words graffiti the air

As they spray from my mouth mindfully, intentionally, sometimes fearfully

Destiny ignored the eradication of my body from art history

By placing my heart in the center of contemporary creativity

By design we were always here, we are here to be seen

They were right about we

We the painters

The wordsmiths

Across the spectrum of society

We reflect the morality of human history

I am a historian like my sisters before thee

I am a time traveller

The maker whose tears drop in unsafe places

I breathe abstract romanticism

My laughter crackles like fresh oil pastels

An enthusiastic taste for colour

My pallet a shady disco of layered paint

I hate watching paint dry

Wrapping canvas around stretcher bars isn't soothing

Anticipation for the artwork is everything

My purpose beyond passion

Crafting observations of reality to question our philosophy

Art is my ancestry

I am the tool

Down the family tree our hands have innovated

Our hands have motivated

Hands on hands on hands

My hands were not made to be idol in the service of consumerism


I ascend through brush strokes, collage and glue

My being is a protest when my creative practice should be unassuming personal commentary

Instead of interference in institutional colonial frequencies

My art is not a remedy

Or a big tick for diversity

Art flows naturally

Art is apart of who I be


That's me.

What is in a laugh
What is in a team
What do we see in the mirror
Why are we shy to move
Do you feel my stare back
Try to hush me
I will smile some more
Where do we go in our minds
I have only questions and no answers
I walk among sunflowers and thorn a like
There is something adventurous in being a flower
What is it to give life in a still image
What is it to play as an adult
Maybe we think the same things, we will never know
Will you move with me
Is brown the ultimate. Default if all colours run into each other
Is making art, making magic?
Are we magical
How much do we hide from ourselves
Can we have a full understanding of who we are without external information
Are our bodies just a canvas for others
Where is the eros love we are sold on social media
How do we learn to love again
How can our intuition be heightened in all the noise we live in
Where is courage to love




250 x 160 cm
What if we were to remember all of our dreams
Will the fruits of our labour pay off as artists
What if creatives stopped and only consumed that which is already there
How are you nurtured and protected




160 x 160 cm
Who are we behind our masks
Do we put masks on for the joy of others or for the protection of ourselves
What environment do you feel safe in
Where do you feel entitled to shine as yourself
What does it feel like to escape reality and find yourself
How do you play
How do you show the world your true desires without fear
Do we lie constantly to exist
When we are set free, why do we want to go back
Do we make our own destiny
What is your self love, love language




life size
In abstract painting poetry to see things that are not there
Why do we try to relate to everything we witness
Can we allow something to exist that makes no sense
Must we conclude and assume on all matters, what is the power in a mystery




200 x 100 cm (x4)

Sir Frank Bowling Scholarship Awardee