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Service Design (MA)

Rajvi Shah

Driven by passion to make healthcare inclusive and empowering. This project holds immense personal significance for us, it is an opportunity to bring positive change to a long-standing social issue. Women have long faced the burden of being unheard and overlooked when it comes to their pain. In our project, we aim to address the alarming discrepancy in healthcare where women's pain often goes unnoticed, leading to delays in diagnosis by an average of four years compared to men. Our focus is on enhancing and humanising the communication around pelvic pain between women patients and general practitioners, with the goal of improving the diagnostic process. Join us as we work towards a more equitable and empathetic approach to women's healthcare.

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Rajvi is an interdisciplinary designer specializing in service design and industrial design; she is driven by a deep desire to make a difference. Her journey at RCA has ignited a passion within her to become a design activist, addressing complex problems in our society. With every project, Rajvi aims to run experiments, gain insights, and create innovative solutions that bring joy and well-being to people's lives.

To Rajvi, design is like conducting an orchestra, skillfully assembling various elements to create meaningful outcomes. She believes that everything we need is already present in our surroundings; it's simply a matter of understanding how to apply it. With a collaborative mindset, Rajvi works closely with diverse groups to create positive change by merging research, empathy, and creativity.

Being a designer is not solely a profession for Rajvi; it is an integral part of her identity. It has provided her with a purposeful approach to problem-solving, fostering kindness and empathy. Through her work as a service designer, she strives to push boundaries and contribute to a better world by designing for social impact and sustainability. With a holistic outlook and a keen understanding of available resources, Rajvi is committed to making a positive impact through her design practice.

In her free time, Rajvi enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and listening to music. She is an animal lover and a foodie who finds inspiration in diverse experiences and interests.

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