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Service Design (MA)

Avi Choukhany

Women have long faced the burden of being unheard when it comes to their pain. In our project, we aim to address the alarming discrepancy in healthcare where women's pain often goes unnoticed, leading to delays in diagnosis by an average of four years compared to men. Our focus is on enhancing and humanising the communication around pelvic pain between women patients and general practitioners, with the goal of improving the diagnostic process. Join us as we work towards a more equitable and empathetic approach to women's healthcare. 

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I am a passionate multidisciplinary designer specializing in UI/UX and Service Design. But for me, it's not just about the technical aspects it's about embracing sustainable, human-centered approaches in everything I do. Understanding the people behind the designs is what truly drives me.

During my transformative academic journey in the MA Service Design program at the Royal College of Art, I've delved deep into the essence of service design. This experience has shaped my understanding, expanded my knowledge, and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. It has also inspired me to adopt a trauma-informed design approach, where empathy and sensitivity play crucial roles.

Through internships at renowned organizations during my undergraduate studies, I've gained valuable hands-on experience that has further honed my skills and expertise.

My dedication lies in pushing the boundaries of design and finding innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability, inclusivity, and social impact. If you're interested in collaborating or learning more about my work, I would love to connect with you.

56% feel their pain is ignored or dismissed by healthcare,One in three ( 29%) still don’t think they’ve received the correct dia
01 Key insight  - Chronic Pelvic pain: Unseen and Misunderstood
02 Key insight  - The Struggle to be Taken Seriously
03 Key insight -  Overlooked Pain in 10-Minute Consultations
How might we enhance and humanise communication between patients and GP, with a specific focus on effectively identifying chroni
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