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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Rachel Ruiyi Wang

Ruiyi Wang is a Shanghainese artist and maker based in London. Her artistic practice is characterised by innovation, humour, and a profound fascination with everyday objects. Motivated by a persistent interest in applied art, Ruiyi completed her BA in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martin’s (UAL) before pursuing her MA in Jewellery & Metal at the Royal College of Art. Her experiences also include working on fashion jewellery for designer brands in Shanghai and exhibiting her contemporary artwork in London and Munich.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesJewellery & Metal (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Woo Building, First and third floors

a plate with a fork carved inside, resting on the edge of a chair

Throughout my jewellery projects, I consistently draw inspiration from everyday objects, which serve as a major source of creativity. Grounded in ordinary daily life, my work aims to establish a strong connection with the audience. The core value of my work lies in uncovering overlooked aspects of common things.

Intrigued by the conflict of individuals suppressing their instinctive needs in order to conform to social norms, my current focus revolves around reconstructing human culture and conveying my thoughts through anthropomorphic objects placed in a domestic setting. 

"The Restaurant" seeks to unearth the hidden social rules within the dining space and reveal the primal instinct of human beings through domestic objects. By incorporating ready-made crockery supplied by a Michelin restaurant, I create a stage for the cutlery to improvise in fine dining. Disregarding the customary rules of table manners, the cutlery preys on food out of instinct. 

Through the manipulation of relatable dining situations, I intend to disrupt the familiar and subtly unsettle the audience, evoking a slight sense of discomfort. Bon appétit. 

Today's menu:

  • Whelk, Savagnin Mayonnaise & Squidish Fork
  • Duck Terrine, Snakey Fork & Knife
  • Quail & Headless Fork
  • Wavey Fork, Sea Beet & Laverbread
  • Hereford Zebra & Lionish Forks

  • Ripple Tart & Crocodilian Fork
  • Cedrat Meringue & Hummingbirdy Fork

a fork extending itself from a small bowl to another large bowl
Whelk, Savagnin Mayonnaise & Squidish Fork
a fork extending from one plate to another where a knife sits on
Duck Terrine, Snakey Fork & Knife
a fork crashing into a bowl from the side
Quail & Headless Fork
a ceramic bowl with fork tips carved into, with carved wave patterns
Wavey Fork, Sea Beet & Laverbread
a ceramic bowl with fork tips carved into, with carved wave patterns
two elongated forks fighting each other over a large plate with zebra carving
Hereford Zebra & Lionish Forks
a ceramic plate with a fork shape carved into, with carved ripples
Ripple Tart & Crocodilian Fork
a dessert fork bending into a bowl with ripple carving
Cedrat Meringue & Hummingbirdy Fork


silver-plated brass, silver-plated copper, stone-carved ceramic
a fork extending from a small bowl, looks like it is trying to capture something
(Missing)Whelk, Savagnin Mayonnaise & Squidish Fork