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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Naireeta Paul

Naireeta Paul, a London-based Indian jewellery artist, weaves an intellectually enriching correlation between the surrounding world and the human body through her contemporary direction and style. With an MA in Jewellery & Metal from the Royal College of Art and a Bachelors in Design from India's National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), she possesses a diverse background in accessory design.

Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, Naireeta dares to challenge the status quo, infusing her work with experimentation and the creation of captivating concepts, ideas, and objects. Her journey spans various creative endeavours, from working as a jewellery designer for India's largest commercial brand, Tanishq, to co-founding an organic food startup where she excelled in brand design. This diverse range of experiences has shaped her holistic approach to design and art, infusing each field with her unique visualisations.

With a unique blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to her art, Naireeta Paul showcases her exceptional talent as a jewellery artist. Her works reflect a harmonious balance between form and function, capturing the beauty behind the interlocking natural world. Through her creations, she invites viewers to explore the interplay between art, design, and the surrounding universe, leaving a lasting impression. 

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesJewellery & Metal (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Woo Building, First and third floors

Hey it's Naireeta. it's nice to meet you

I decontextualise, then I reconstruct. 

My current enthusiasm is for seeing the world through mathematical spectacles and then reconstructing it as a designer. This transformative journey fuels my enthusiasm as I strive to unveil my personal "truth" through inventive creations. Driven by a deep fascination to showcase my ideas to the world, my art endeavours to capture its essence through the interplay of mathematics in various forms. With each creation, I aim to provide a glimpse into the transformative power of mathematical aesthetics, and how it morphs experiences based on scale, perspective and materiality. 

By interlacing captivating visual aesthetics with tangible human haptics, my project invites viewers to embark on a journey that unveils the worldwide unity woven within the language of the universe.


The art project I am embarking on explores the concept of currency and its societal significance. It challenges the complexities and power dynamics associated with money, aiming to reimagine a currency design that emphasizes its true value. By stripping away political advertisements and convoluted semantics, the project seeks to create a universal currency that transcends borders and unifies people on a fundamental level.

The project proposes a currency design that is universally understood, accessible, and visually appealing. Through mathematical craftsmanship and ergonomic considerations, the coins are designed with individual values in odd numbers, such as 7 pounds, 5 pounds, 2 pounds, and 3 pounds. The unique ridges on the coins enhance their ergonomics, making them user-friendly for individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds or with visual impairments.

By removing the complexities surrounding money and presenting a common design, the project prompts viewers to contemplate the assigned value of currency and its role in our lives. It invites a dialogue about the societal impact of money and encourages a reevaluation of our relationship with currency. The project's ultimate goal is to foster simplicity, connectivity, and appreciation for the universal language that currency represents, prompting a greater understanding of its true worth.

top view of coins
close view of coins
persepctive view of coins
Launch Project
Click on the image to learn more about this project Medium: Bronze mirror polish Size: 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch


Mirror finish on bronze




"Decadent Delights" is an innovative project that combines the allure of mathematics with the indulgence of artisanal chocolate. Through mathematically generated shapes transformed into delectable chocolate moulds, participants embark on a multi-sensory exploration of the taste of mathematics. Meticulously crafted with precision, each chocolate represents a unique mathematical form, captivating the senses and intertwining flavours and textures with the underlying mathematical concepts. This project aims to inspire curiosity, foster a broader appreciation of mathematics, and bridge the gap between art, craftsmanship, and mathematics, offering a harmonious and enchanting experience that invites participants to view mathematics from a fresh perspective.

Process: CNC 3 axis, VAT forming, Chocolate tempering, Chocolate moulding

Material: Milk chocolate Candy buttons, Food safe PELT sheet, Wood foam.

Medium: Digital rendering / Milk chocolate Software: Blender
Medium: Digital rendering / Milk chocolate Software: Blender
zoomed in
Launch Project
Click on the picture to check out this project in detail.


Receptors, Milk chocolate




"Plato-e-scape" is an innovative project that merges mathematics and aesthetics to create a surreal world inspired by Plato's Theory of Forms. By utilizing mathematically generated forms, the project constructs an environment where nature and pure forms intertwine. Through detailed equations, landscapes are designed with precision and balance, showcasing the profound beauty of mathematical principles. Participants are invited to explore this surreal world, gaining a deeper appreciation for the elegance and universality of mathematics. "Plato-e-scape" blurs boundaries and challenges perceptions, offering a captivating experience that highlights the intrinsic harmony between mathematics and the natural world.

front view of the dream land
side view
top view of the dream land
Launch Project
Click on the Image to check out this project in detail Medium: Digital rendering Software: Blender
Medium: Digital rendering Software: Unreal Engine


Digital Render, Unreal Engine, Blender


Wrapped up is a summarisation project of all my sub projects via digitally printed wearable scarf accessory. Each scarf talks about one particular idea that i had under my Mathematical unity project. Click on the image below to know about the project in detail

This design describes my new platonic forms that i have tried to describe through the 'Plato-e-scape' digital rooms. The meshes of my proposed new non platonic forms as opposed to usual platonic forms front, side and top views.
Here I am trying to depict my idea of experiencing maths through taste, the organic pointy shape represents a chocolate shape that is pushing the boundaries of experiencing and understanding maths as opposed to the traditional oval shape that sits still.
This piece talks about my overall journey with this project, it started of with complex meshes and mathematical understanding however as i dwelled into it deeper, the boundaries seemed to break and it made me closer with the mesh of mathematical unity present all around me
Taking refernece from the complex mesh structure of one of the forms generated, this design suggests the rhizomatic thinking applied in this project, even though due to time constrains the project has to reached a few limits (shown by the black border) however my rhizomatic thinking transcends the border and new ideas keep flowing everyday, making the mesh denser.


Satin, Digital Print, Scarf


80cm X 80cm

RCA Logitech Scholarship