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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Ruizhi He

Ruizhi He is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on exploring the interactions and connections between different media. She examines things around her in a semiotic way and believes that every object has its own symbolic concept. She graduated in Art in Design from the City University of Macau with a Bachelor's degree. During her studies at the Royal College of Art, Ruizhi has been exploring the essence of jewellery. She hopes to give contemporary jewellery new definitions, combining art with multiple disciplines through critical thinking to explore more possibilities of contemporary jewellery art. 

This is an animated photo of a particle vortex

What exactly is a dream? A dream is the pursuit of something elusive, a direction that one's beliefs persistently hold onto, an endless yearning... 

In Ruizhi 's project, she identified the unattained dreams of four different people through interviews. She expresses their regrets through material substitution, deconstruction, and recombination, while also giving these objects new meaning. 

Her work is divided into two parts: reality and virtuality. In the real world, she found a series of stories and objects that made people feel regretful, through interviews. She expresses their regret through material recombination, while also giving these objects new meaning. In the virtual world, she combines digital and material media to provide psychological comfort by compensating for people's past regrets. Ruizhi explores the meaning of objective existence and motion by narrating objects and the flow and variability of particles.

As digital technology continues to develop, people's experiences in the digital world will become closer to that of the real world, and digital products will continue to blend with the physical world. While using these software tools, Ruizhi also considers what kind of impact the digital age can have on our lives. What is the relationship between AI and human subjects and objects? She reflects on how, in the metaverse, we can critically assess the integration of digital or technological aspects into our lives. She seeks to find more possibilities for objects and digitalization at the boundaries of jewellery.

Unfinished dreamsThis animation is a story of the regret and dream of the four people, including playing piano, dancing ballet, the guilt for love, and the uncompleted career dream. The animation shows their regret to the real world firstly; and then a virtual world that they are longing for with digital media and physical media to make up their regret in the past.
2149.5.11 IN ICELAND
2147.10.19 IN JAPAN
New York
2154.9.27 IN NEW YORK
2139.12.25 IN EGYPT




It's a piano that doesn't make a sound
It's a piano that doesn't make a sound

The missing notes

I opened my eyes gently and found the rhythm of beats buried deep in my childhood fantasies. The beats hauled and wandered until striking at the bottom of my heart. These notes, albeit no longer performed, had always lingered in my mind. At this moment, the dream reached a climax with a tumultuous ovation from the crowd. The particles left an eternal mark on me at the conclusion, with the rise from innumerable tides in dreams to the peak of melodic perfection.




You can't tiptoe in these dancing shoes
You can't tiptoe in these dancing shoes

Unable to tiptoe

Have you ever had a dream? It is an illusory chase. The light is soft and warm, the stage tranquil and mysterious. Cherry blossoms float with the dance, and the dancing shoes depict the soul within, narrating time’s passing and my personal growth. I recall it as a memory, a hope, and an unattainable dream in my life.


Ballet shoes,Metal,Wheels


Rings that can't be worn
the ring is falling

Unable to wear

Have you ever felt remorse? It is an aftertaste of youth. That fleeting moment of love lasts for eternity. It is so near and yet so far. The glow of prosperity fades, the seasons shift, and only you remain in my memory. Our oath is still there; no word to you can go. You and only you will always have a special place in my heart.




syringe or water gun?
syringe or water gun

Treatment or a game?

Are your youthful ambitions seen as full of child-like innocence? As though walking in the endless vast desert, I stepped forward with dust, silent heat, and the dream to devote myself to serving patients. My dream was to put on a white coat. It was my youthful dream. The dream was like sand in the desert, sliding through my fingers when I tried to grab it with my hands. The dream floating in the air soon vanished in the desert. Now, I hover at the borderline of reality and fantasy while the dream dissolves among worldly affairs.


Resin, Plastic, Needle