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Service Design (MA)

Qiuyi Gu

Qiuyi Gu is a service designer.His background includes product design, interaction design, and service design. 

In his view, design is an intrinsic part of cultural, social, ecological, and technological reality. It creates new relations, transformations, and ways of experiencing the world. His passion for design stems from the satisfaction it gives me in creating positive change and improving the human experience. He see design as a process that enables he to gain a new perspective on things and create new opportunities, ideas, and solutions. 

As a service designer, his goal is to tackle current and future challenges by fulfilling societal needs and fostering new social connections, and to translate concepts into impactful realities through the design of technology, products, and services.


After Covid-19, attitudes towards bacteria have become more negative. People try to protect themselves from harm by over-cleaning and using drugs to kill germs. But not all bacteria are bad, and many are even good for our health. And the disappearance of this part of bacteria will lead to the imbalance of bacteria in our body, which will lead to various diseases.

Therefore, how to maintain the bacterial environment and balance that has been destroyed by ourselves, so as to help everyone form a harmonious symbiotic relationship with bacteria, and then help us improve our health is a difficult problem.

We hope to use Vital Verse to detect users' bacteria, provide reliable and professional bacteria consulting services, and provide users with the bacteria maintenance products they need. At the same time, gradually build the user's personal bacteria management system, and finally realize the bacteria health management service, and provide users with a personalized digital bacteria health steward. Thereby helping people maintain the health of their own bacteria, improve their health status, and form a benign symbiotic relationship with the bacteria.

How people think about health today
People are more likely to get sick
Why do people pay more attention to health but have a higher probability of getting sick?
How the human bacteria contributes to our health
Diseases caused by the influence of human behavior on the bacteria
How might we....?
Value proposition
User flow
Initial concept
Bacteria health calendar - Demo