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Design Products (MA)

Qingyu Su

Degree Details

School of DesignDesign Products (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Third floor

a photo of QINGYU

Intentional conflicts and the cultivation of connections are the "design elements" that I frequently incorporate into my MA projects. In an era of growing societal divisions, it seems important to reassess how the interplay between "conflict" and "connection" has influenced our thoughts and behaviors. Consequently, I am trying to explore this trend and its potential implications through my work.

a small coffee table with a elevatable tabletop.
(Prototype) Here is a coffee table. Most of the time, it can support your cup for you, but occasionally, it may not feel inclined to do so.
a coffee table with lowered tabletop.
And it has lowered. You can either wait for it to rise up again or bend down to pick up the coffee.
a work-in-progress chair with motors and sensors embedded.
(work in progress) After reorganizing my thoughts, I decided to use a chair as the vessel for my concept. with all these components embedded, it now has the ability to gain the percept of people's approaching and decide if it wants to be seated by people. so sometimes, it may evade you from seating on it.
a work-in-progress chair with motors and sensors embedded.
In this case, you can resort to something violent – just like dealing with an old TV – hit it, punch it, and let it know your urgent appeal and your dominance. And it may stop from disobeying you.
the touch points for
In order to fulfill this function, I designed multiple "touchpoints" that allow users to commit "controllable" violence to this product.
detail shot of electronics, battery and motor.
detail shot of the hinge.
a computer rendered GIF shows the moving parts and appearance.
The possible final appearance of this product.


a person sitting on a interactive public furniture outside a coffee shop.
This is a piece of public furniture that incorporates two seats and two coffee tables. Movement of any seat or table will be reflected to the side, causing coffee to spill. To prevent this, users will need to interact with each other and be and be aware of their drastic movements.
two male sitting alongside with this furnitur
two female sitting alongside with this furniture
hero shot of the furniture. two seats and two tables connected by bended metal tubes.
the process of tube bending.
working lathe.


metal, stock components, MDF, PLA