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Information Experience Design (MA)

Qianhao Chen ( Alvin )

Alvin Qianhao Chen ( b. 1998 ) is an immersive experience designer and a product designer who currently based on London and Shanghai . With the background of industrial design and engineering , he has two years’ working practise on product design and service design cooperated with Philips‘ medical , Metabo and Indoor Entertainment Company .

He is now more focusing on immersive experience design. Combining self-taught computer science, psychology and material science abilities, he is also good at using speculative design and critical thinking, through multi-dimensional research and analysis and summary. Using various tools such as digital art visual and sound technology , immersive interior construction and 3D physical installations for creating unique interactive system an experience design that mobilizes multiple senses.

He also have sufficient experiences cooperate with professional performers , dancers , musicians ,psychologists and biological Scientists , which cooperative projects are also exhibited and performed around the world . He always believes that by cooperating with professionals in different fields, the project can be in-depth, explored and excavated in multiple dimensions.

Selected Exhibition and performances :

Bonfire (w/ Yue yue , Hui Chen ) -  Sansusī festival , Latvia (2023)

Invisible Reinvention (w/ Mengyun Xie , Yijun Chen , Yuting Xue ) - Luminous competition by RCA & LG Display, Old Street Gallery , UK (2022)

Armorial Bearings  (w/ Jiarong Yu , Sizhe Fang ) - IRCAM forum workshop, Centre Pompidou , France (2022)

Future Rural Planning and Wind Power Utilisation - IPD project , Aalto University , Finland (2020)

Wemig folding scooter   -  China Cycle Exhibition , China (2018)

Image of myself

  •  "What motivates you to explore further ? "

  • “How important is curiosity means to you ? ”

  • "What is your reflection when you having thoughts with curiosity ? "

  • "What reminds you to think of when you invoking your curiosity ? "

  • "Why you are driven by curiosity to experiment ?"
overall image

  “「              」” is an immersive experience installation with a combination with real time interacting system , physical installation and real time generating moving images . This is an open - topic project which mainly talking about why and how human can fully mobilize curiosity in exploring and planning for the future through their own personal experiences . 

This project is also a new experiment with only guidelines‘ installation with no limitation , let the audiences to explore by themself through the whole journey and generating their own unique insights and ideas through what have seen and heard .  

The project is inspired by my exploration of immersion. Through my exploration of multi interactive forms and media , I think that immersion not only requires the necessary integration and synergy of multiple media , while also need to give audiences space to imagine their own personal experiences and combine with their journey to create their own unique immersive experience .


The project consists of three dynamic real-time interactive installations and a 'meditation space' made of curved screens combined with real-time interaction to create an immersive space. The audience will first walk through a corridor with guiding lights to get used to the darkness. Once inside the space, the audience is guided by the lights around the screen and will experience a multi-sensory experience as they explore the installation one by one , culminating in feedback in the 'meditation space'. The audience will be able to explore the installation in an immersive and multisensory way. 


In collaboration with : Bryan Yueshen Wu

Bryan Yueshen Wu is an art explorer and creator currently based in London. Having a background of industrial and product design, Bryan applies design thinking in his creation of art, alongside interdisciplinary approaches including sonic making, computing and performance.


Real - time generating moving image , interaction system


2m * 4m * 2m

The cooperation with performers aims to guide the better delivery of the project, making full use of the performers' body movements to vividly present the whole experience from confusion, curiosity, exploration to final reflection and prospect, so that the audience can better immerse themselves inside the whole experience .

In collaboration with : Shuojie Wang

Shuojie Wang has 12 years of dance foundation. In the postgraduate stage, she mainly studied performance and choreography, integrating dance and performance techniques from various regions of the world. She also performed for National Theatre.


Real - time generating moving image , interaction system


performance video 7mins
f d g d

Cooperating with psychologist , taking the fear and unease about what might happen in the future when human beings use curiosity to explore as the main topic for the installation : Constraint, Abyss, Gaze . All three parts was being set up for the audiences to feel a more subtle sense of tension or ambiguity instead of feeling fear . 

In collaboration with : Yiyun Shi

Yiyun Shi is an expert in psychology and has studied psychology for a very long time, especially has his own unique insights and cognition on curiosity exploration and human emotional psychology.