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Design Products (MA)

Priyaansh Bhatt

Priyaansh is a highly motivated and performance-driven product designer currently pursuing his studies at the Royal College of Art. He has successfully completed his undergraduate degree in Product Design from Anant National University in India. With a keen artistic nature and a strong passion for the creative fields, he constantly strives to excel in his work.

He possesses a quick and enthusiastic learning attitude, allowing him to grasp new concepts rapidly. His proficiency lies in design thinking and problem-solving, enabling him to approach challenges from a creative and analytical perspective. Additionally, he is adept at utilizing various design software tools to bring his ideas to life.

In addition to his technical skills, he also possesses strong oratory skills, enabling him to effectively communicate and present his design concepts and ideas to diverse audiences, including clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Overall, he is a dedicated and ambitious individual who is eager to make a meaningful impact in the field of product design. He is constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and grow, and he is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in his work.

Degree Details

School of DesignDesign Products (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Third floor

A picture of myself carving a PoP block.

As an industrial designer, I believe I possess a superpower—the power to create. There are countless challenges in the world that demand innovative solutions and products that don't even exist yet. I am driven to fill this void, utilizing my creativity and passion to bring new ideas to life. Working as an intern at Dotto: Objects of Curiosity, I witnessed the immense impact well-designed products can have and the transformative change they can bring. This experience opened my eyes to the vast potential and boundless possibilities within the field of industrial design.

Design is not simply a task for me; it is a state of being. When I immerse myself in the design process, time fades away. All that matters is the small piece of wood or the blank canvas before me, waiting to be transformed into something beautiful and meaningful. The ability to see my thoughts manifest into tangible objects fills me with an indescribable sense of wonder.

Design is about complete synchronicity—an unwavering dedication to give my all, every time. It is about infusing passion, creativity, and craftsmanship into every project I undertake. Design is my conduit for making a positive impact, solving problems, and shaping a better future through the creation of innovative and purposeful products. In essence, I am a designer who sees the world as a canvas, and through my creations, I strive to make it more beautiful, functional, and meaningful for everyone who experiences it.


Introducing Bookish, a fusion of style, customization, and practicality. Inspired by the timeless appeal of books, this clutch bag revolutionizes the way you carry your essentials.

With its unique design, the Clutch Book Bag captures the essence of both a book and a clutch, combining their elegance and functionality. Understanding the importance of customization, a transformative feature has been incorporated. By simply changing the outer cover, you can completely alter the look of the bag while maintaining its core functionality. No more need for multiple bags when you can personalize a single Clutch Book Bag to match any occasion or style.

But it doesn't stop there. Taking inspiration from the table of contents in a book, a smart solution to keep track of your bag's contents has been introduced. The RFID technology ensures that you never misplace or leave behind important items. Before closing the bag, it alerts you if something is missing, giving you peace of mind and eliminating the risk of loss.

Experience the perfect blend of fashion and convenience with this Clutch. It's not just a bag; it's a statement of personal style, efficiency, and smart organization. Elevate your everyday carry with this innovative accessory that truly understands your needs.

Ideation and Sketches
Prototype of the first design
Opening the clutch prototype
Opened Prototype
Opening Prototype of second design
Opened prototype of second design
Prototype of second Design
Opening of Prototype
Holding the prototype of third design
Opening the third Prototype
All three Prototypes
XiaoESP32 integration with RFID Module
The integration and coding of XiaoESP32 with RFID Module for the technical features of the clutch bag. When the object with the RFID sticker is in range, the LED lights up indicating that the object is detected and is in range and as soon as the object goes out of range, the LED turns off.
RFID card in range


Mill Board (Grey), OHP Sheet
Opened clutch
Customization of Outer Covers
Customization of Outer CoversThe option to snap out and change the outer cover and the metal corners of the book is provided so that people do not have to buy different colored bags and can just modify one bag according to their liking. The outer cover can have many different colors as well as patterns.
Holding the Prototype