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Animation (MA)

Peiying Wang

Peiying Wang is an animator and artist from China, exploring mainly 2D animation and storytelling.

During her studies at the Royal College of Art, she explored more forms of storytelling through animation.

Her first year film at the Royal College of Art, I'm not drunk(2022), has been selected for We Like 'Em Short - Animation and Comedy Film Festival and the Semi-Finalist in AniMate - Australia Animation Film Festival.

A portrait

My inspiration usually comes from everyday life and how I feel about something in a moment. Through creation, I can share these moments of inspiration and subjective feelings about things with others. Animation is a very wonderful carrier for me. The main direction of my exploration is to use animation thinking to tell stories.

I specialize in the creation of 2D animation. In the process of creation, I usually think about why I use animation as a carrier to tell a story. For me, animation is a fluid subjective language and an image composed of symbols. The process of creating animation is also a process of deconstructing stories with animation symbols.


Appetite explores the link between food and sex and the conflict between instinct and social discipline. A woman and a man are quietly advancing their relationship while eating at a restaurant. Taking the process of eating as a clue, the main topic is to discuss the impact of sexual repression on people.



2D Animation, Digital


4 minutes
A bird eat the meat.
A woman and a man
A woman and a man look at each other.
A man is going to eat meat.
A woman and a man on a poster