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Service Design (MA)

Patch Kusonjai

Patch is a designer who wants to drive positive changes by exploring new possibilities among strategies, products and services across different sectors. Specialised in human-centric and systemic approach, she challenges complex problems with an empathic innovative perspective.

She always works extensively with process and analytical frameworks, tailoring service components to enhance experience of the service from end-to-end and to deliver high-level interventions that create meaningful impact for the overall ecosystem.

Engaging a speculative approach, futures design and future backcasting with service design methodologies, she is able to explore radical shifts and possibilities within the ecosystem creatively without any limitations, orchestrating pathways to better futures with stakeholders, clients and partners constructively.

Patch Kusonjai

The RCA provide me an opportunity to explore different angles of service design through a practice-based learning. During the year of mastering service design, transformations are what we have been working on. We address complex challenges, explore possibilities and create pathways that make those ideas become reality. From vision to execution, we bring in strategic and creative mindset that lead to tangible impactful outcomes.

Personally, It has been such a ride for myself to be working in different areas of interest including future of work, healthcare service, social impact and future of finance, where a variety of challenges and interpretations compel us to adjust ourself in the fast-moving future. It inspired and ignited my passion once again as a service designer, to drive impactful changes for a better quality of life, creating a future where all of us could indulge in holistic happiness.

I would like to express my gratitude to my love ones, family, friends, colleagues and all the tutors in the MA Service Design programme, who never miss a chance to support me throughout the spectacular journey at the RCA. This is absolutely a year to remember for me and I cannot wait what the future holds.

Our Brief
Living on the move? – The rewards of a nomadic lifestyle come with risks and challenges. We want to navigate how banks, financial institutions and supporting infrastructures could transform their propositions to help digital nomads, a growing population of the modern world, in achieving their holistic financial wellbeing in the very near future.
How would a life as a digital nomad be?
Digital Nomadism as a tren
UBS-Y future artefacts : the starting point
Understanding the landscape of digital nomadism
The nomadic journey explained - 1
The nomadic journey explained - 2