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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Pamela Jane Mcnicol Pudan

I am a ceramic maker who divides her time between the rural depths of Devon and the rush of central London.

I returned to the UK several years ago, after living for 20 years in Sydney where I trained and worked in Psychoanalysis. It was in 2011, while taking a break from my career, that I discovered ceramics. What began as a casual interest soon became a burgeoning obsession - one that has me in its grip still. I completed a Diploma in Ceramics in Sydney in 2013 and spent the next few years taking part in numerous exhibitions and competitions, and making commission pieces.  

When I am not up to my elbows in clay I am restoring my home, which is a de-commissioned psychiatric clinic.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesCeramics & Glass (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Pamela Pudan holding ceramic piece.

I am interested in exploring anomaly and the place that it has in our society - how it can occupy its own space, affirm its own existence, claim its own beauty. 

My work comes from my experience of growing up in a family with disabled parents, and the way that experience has shaped who I am and what I make. From this starting point I hope to visit questions that are relevant to us all - those of belonging, otherness, protectiveness and growth. 

The use of hand building methods such as pinching and press moulding allows me to create complex sculptural pieces that reference, but do not mimic, natural growth patterns. By using a commonality of building blocks, patterns are established which can then be subverted, establishing a nod to cell division and anomaly. My aim is to create pieces which are related but all unique and complex, drawing a link to the complexity we all carry, as bodies, as selves, as members of groups. 

I shall never be

Different. Love me.”

(excerpt from Hymn to St. Cecilia, W.H. Auden)

(photograph @katiaautier)

Two pale ceramic pieces with veining, one large and one small.
Cecilia 1.11 & Cecilia 1.5Nerikomi pieces made from porcelain and ceramic stains. 35x25x25cms & 16x10x10cms.
One pink piece and one green and pink piece.
Cecilia 3.12 & Cecilia 3.4Stoneware with vitreous slip, and porcelain nerikomi with ceramic stains. 17x13x9cms & 17x12x13cms.
Two pieces, one orange, one black.
Cecilia 2.2 & Cecilia 3.10Stoneware with vitreous slip and porcelain nerikomi with ceramic stain. 19x17x15 & 14x10x10cms.
Pale pink veined piece, lying on back.
Cecilia 1.5.Porcelain nerikomi with ceramic stains. 16x10x10cms.
two green pieces, one reaching towards the other
Cecilia 3.5 & Cecilia 3.15Porcelain nerikomi with ceramic stains. 18x10x10cms & 9x10x10cms.


Porcelain and ceramic stains & stoneware with vitreous slip.
Large green and purple piece standing on toes.
"Dancing because you no longer need it for any deed"Stoneware with vitreous slip and ceramic stains. 37x32x19cms.
Large pale blue and citrus green piece lying on its back.
"O ear whose creatures cannot wish to fall"Stoneware with vitreous slip and ceramic stains. 36x36x30cms
large orange wall piece of many segments
"O trumpets that unguarded children blow about the fortress of their inner woe"Wall piece: Stoneware with vitreous slip and ceramic stains. 55x55x10.


Stoneware with vitreous slip.