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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Yaron Meyer

Yaron Meyer (1991) is an Israeli artist living in London & Tel Aviv,

Yaron was born in Jerusalem, Israel where he Completed his BFA at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2018). While studying he won an excellence award to attend the Pilchuck glass school for a summer course (2016) and studied as an exchange student in Massachusetts College of Art and Design (2016).

After graduating from Bezalel academy Yaron sold his project to the Israeli Aquarium as a public installation. Over the last three years he has designed and created public installations for hotels, municipalities and private clients.

Yaron is inspired by the complexity of nature and human relations within it. His glass sculptures are a representation of nature which challenge context, scale, colour and use. 

His primary artistic medium is glass, although through his previous work as a designer, he worked with metal and wood,

his main passions are large scale installations and public art.

Yaron welcomes discussions with galleries, hotels, public buildings & architects, commercial and private clients and is excited to work for commission as well as direct sale.

He is a Clore Foundation scholar (2021-2023) 

Photo: Michael Loulou


Blown glass & Soft glass Lamp-worked

Just as the desert embodies extreme heat and scarcity of resources, so is the art world in developing countries. Israel in this case can also be a difficult place to survive. Artists in these regions often lack access and face obstacles to funding, resources, and opportunities, making it a struggle to sustain themselves while pursuing their artistic endeavors

Yet, amidst the harshness, the desert also holds immense beauty and inspiration. Even in the absence of abundance, it becomes a place where human beings catch a glimpse of infinity. Similarly, the art world is a realm of boundless creativity and innovation. Artists have a remarkable ability to create profound and meaningful work within strict limitations, touching the lives of those who encounter it. They both share an air of mystery, gradually unveiling their secrets. The artistic process mirrors the ever-shifting and evolving nature of sand dunes.

My project "Desertification" encapsulates my personal struggle to realize my artistic dreams within the art world. .Despite the prevailing belief that deserts are infertile lands, I find my own growth in this challenging environment. By juxtaposing Pop art rocks and meticulously sculpted thorns in a realistic manner, I explore the contrasting edges of the artistic spectrum.

Glass as an art medium I chose, it combines all the primary elements in its making- Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

The very basis of what you find in the desert, but combined together it creates beauty, art & life.

I perceive my growth amidst limited resources and challenging circumstances as both a blessing and a curse, and welcome you to take a visual wander in my glass sculptures.

Welcome to my Desert, where art thrives against all odds.

Yaron Meyer

Gold desert
Golden Desert View 1Multi piece sculpture can be arranged in many ways.
Gold desert 2
Golden Desert view 2Multi piece sculpture can be arranged in many ways.


Glass blowing & soft glass lampworking


43cm*43cm height 40cm
Close up Orange
Orange desert close upMulti piece sculpture of the desert made out of glass
Orange Desert full
Orange DesertMulti piece sculpture can be arranged in many ways.
Red Desert V.1
Red Desert V.2Multi piece sculpture can be arranged in many ways.
Red Desert V.2
Red Desert V.1Multi piece sculpture can be arranged in many ways.
Red Closeup
Red Desert Close upMulti piece sculpture can be arranged in many ways.


Glass blowing & soft glass lamp-working


45cm*48cm height 41 cm
Process VideoVideo was made by: Chris Lee
Stranger in strange land quote
Heart of the desert
Desert HeartGlass blowing inside a soft glass lampworked
Impact seriesglass blown vessels distorted by a glass rock


Glass blowing

Clore foundation

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