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Information Experience Design (MA)

Mingxue Zhao

Mingxue Zhao is an artist from China, based in London.

She enjoys observing and exploring the relationship between people and urban development. Her research focuses on how to inspire more inclusive design of urban public space architecture, and how to achieve equitable thinking in the construction of future cities.

Her artistic practice revolves around nature, the city, sociology and philosophy. Her work isincludes visual, video and sound design.


City Spikes, 2023

This project focuses on the City of London's hostile architecture, recreating its defensive forms by stripping them of their strength, and thus transforming these objects and their hostile surfaces into soft, defenceless replicas.

The aim is to invite the audience, through experiencing the work, to slow down and consider whether the underlying philosophy of defensive design that takes place in urban public space, and to provoke public reflection on how we can design urban public space architecture more inclusively and achieve equality in the construction of cities in the future.



3D printing, soft silicone Casting, Installation Art


9 x 15cm