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Textiles (MA)

Meng Han

Meng Han is afibre artist working with embroidery. She constructs fragile yet quietly resilient objects and sculptures. She uses poetic metaphor to tell imaginative stories that touch on trauma.

Meng's work is marked by an awakening of consciousness and philosophical reflection in the face of trauma. Based on her research into human psychology, she explores the poetic expression of trauma and resilience theory in traditional fibre artworks and the use of intelligent textiles in dance therapy.

Meng builds on her previous experience as a documentary filmmaker and sensitively uses sound and video in her work. At the start of her MA study she was exploring making smart textiles with sound and video. She developed an intelligent wool knitting stretch sensor system. This work was a series of wearable smart costume pieces that triggered sound when worn and danced in. Through the experience of creating smart textiles Meng developed her ideas about the application of technology in textiles more rationally. Instead of pursuing the cool effects of technology, she constantly asks whether the application of cross-border technology is used for the needs of expression.

Meng explores in her work the relationship between materiality itself and human perception and emotional expression. Most recently this exploration focused on the tactility of yarn and fibre and mixed materials for emotional expression and its potential for metaphorical narrative. Through the development of hand and machine embroidery techniques Meng has become obsessed with challenging traditional embroidery techniques in new dimensions and perspectives. Developing soft embroidered sculptural forms that convey a combined feeling of strength and vulnerability.

Degree Details

School of DesignTextiles (MA)Mixed MediaRCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, First and second floors

Artist photo

This project explores the fragility of human condition, and explores the theory of "Resilience" in positive psychology. Through the study of plant roots and root caps, using the root system as a poetic metaphor for the narrative of my work.

The project came from my frustration with the dark side of human nature. The work itself is not about hatred and anger, but rather a metaphor and expression of the power of faith in forgiveness and acceptance of harm, through the countless systems of self-regeneration of invisible creatures.

The most important point in my root research is the root caps, which are very fragile and tiny. But every few days, root caps will be worn down in order to stimulate cell regeneration and to allow new roots to emerge.Through countless grinding and then rebirth, the entire root system is thus gradually built up and growing stronger. It is just like our human life.

I hope those positive thoughts and emotions about hurt and pain through my work can inspire people who share similar experiences or the same confusion as me.

The entire project is made up entirely of embroidery techniques and is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of embroidery techniques and exploring the possibilities of embroidery's existence as a sculptural surface. In addition to the basic structural sculptural lines of embroidery, it also challenges the possibilities of the embroidery technique to produce knitting and weaving effects.

words photo
work 1
detail 2
detail plu


Ceramic matte thread,Wool Yarn


90cm✖️60cm, 55cm✖️30cm , 20cm✖️15cm


ceramic matte thread,linen




Ceramic matte thread,Wool,Polyester


20cm✖️30cm / 70cm✖️70cm
start sample


Ceramic matte thread,Wool Yarn,Linen
point sculpture
point group