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Interior Design (MA)

Marguerite Royer

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In a conformist society, how could an interior environment be used to determine and observe different human behaviours?

Aspiring to a better collective world, medical geneticists have turned to synthetic biology to combat the outgrowing inequity, and have developed a program, vastly acclaimed by the public, to eliminate appearance differences and unify human’s physiognomy. The year is now 2053, and people celebrate the abolition of what was once called physical features discrimination, commonly known as racism. With the rise of body dysmorphic disorder and unfair treatments associated with certain physical characteristics, the obsession on facial and body looks had become unbearable. Arbitrary prejudice and assumptions on people’s identity were persistently made based on their body image.

Thanks to GenexLife, babies are now being stripped of their natural genome at birth, to be substituted with controlled and identical genes. Children being genetically engineered to all look the exact same, they can grow up candidly and develop their identity free of gender-based preconceptions, skin colour bias or body type favouritism. When reaching adulthood, they get tested at the personality assessment center, to receive a detailed personality report card. That report card is then analysed by a CRISPR machine that transforms their genetic components corresponding with their personality traits. Consequently, humans' physical attributes now reveal their real persona and thus precisely inform society of who they are. (I.e blue eyes signify honesty, wide shoulders signify loyalty, etc) Identity presumption is no longer based on an indefinite mix of DNA inherited from parents, but rather a monitored and administered set of genetic material. Bodies are being manipulated for the benefits of an equal society and fairness among its citizens. 

As of May 2053, GenexLife inaugurated its new upgraded personality center. This is their advertisement launching campaign.

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Marguerite Royer is set designer and set buyer based in Vancouver, Canada and London, UK. She has completed her BA in Film Production and has since cumulated several years of industry work experience. She is committed to using space as a medium to explore and reveal stories. Using different forms of design, she focuses on the relationship between humans and spaces. Currently enrolled in the master of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art, she thrives to develop further her ideas and concept of character building and storytelling through visual communication.