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Architecture (MA)

Mabel McCabe

Mabel is an architectural designer interested in moving image and collage to explore story telling and place making. Her work is routed in a fascination with the way communities have dealt with huge changes in landscape and infrastructure throughout history and in the future.

Final year ADS 6, tutored by Clara Kraft Isono, Sitoshi Isono and Guan Lee

First year ADS 10, tutored by Davide Sacconi, Mateo Costanzo and Francesca Dell'Aglio

In her first year at the RCA Mabel studied disused pottery factories in Stoke on Trent following the decline of the industry in recent decades. Mabel obtained her BSc in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2020 and her third year project explored how areas of Glasgow might be made more child-friendly, and her work always centres around community structures.

Year Out:

2021 Pilbrow and Partners, part of the team working on a new masterplan for Imperial University in North Acton, London

2020 Rob Pearce Architects, learned about conservation of timber construction and manor houses

Tripod on Sizewell Beach

Mabel's thesis looks at the site around the Sizewell C development on the East Suffolk coast. How can the community of Sizewell live alongside the construction of a new power station over the next 10-15 years? What interventions, both temporary and permanent, can bring the community and the power station together?

The new Sizewell C plant is earmarked for the hamlet of Sizewell which sits on the Suffolk coast between Aldeburgh and Southwold. The village is already home to two separate power stations - the decommissioned Sizewell A and Sizewell B, which still operates today. The first nuclear plant - Sizewell A - opened in 1967 and Sizewell B began operating in 1995.

Alison Downes, leader of the Stop Sizewell C campaign
Susan Brinkhurst, artist looking at details of the coastline
Current site
Site in 5 years
Site in 10 years
Site in 15 years
Inspiration from Suffolk fishing huts
Protestors campaigning against the first Sizewell A power station
Perspective view
Decision making
Current site
Site in 15 years
Small huts that will be dispersed around the site to enable research and collaboration
Collaboration with local people
Using collage to make design decisions on the masterplan