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Textiles (MA)

Lucy Park

Lucy Park is a design researcher based in London and Seoul. 

Flexible with knitting, weaving, printing, mixed media, Arduino, and various media, she has worked passionately in design and textile studios across various fields.

She is a designer who uses design strategically, starting with understanding colours and materials. She has developed her research on textile design in a broader context of social awareness at the Royal College of Art. 

Her work overlaps fashion, interior design, CMF and digital. Lucy Park has an ambition of working collaboratively with artists, scientists and engineers with different backgrounds, in which way she could develop her practice into a broader social sphere.

Degree Details

School of DesignTextiles (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Darwin Building, Seventh floor

We all live our lives. 

In the course of my research on "Everyone's Life," I witnessed several deaths up close. So, through a series of objects with a common theme, I studied not only the process of life but also the end of life. All life is a knot of matter, and this knot breaks down again to form another knot. I created an interactive work using snakes with symbols such as rebirth and death.

The three objects were created by reinterpreting the characteristics of life, death, and snakes. This object acts as a sensor. This sensor recognizes human skin contact. When you touch and feel the sensor, which means the end of life, it activates the air supply.

Through this process, the air is supplied to the Moss tank, which means the prosperity of life. Moss will grow through human contact and visualise the movement of matter during the exhibition.

When you touch the knot object, it recognizes your skin. This touch provides air to the moss tank, making the moss grow. This is an immediate visual effect that death and rebirth have continuity.
pattern and texture experiment
Pattern and texture experimentResearch of material and pattern.