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Textiles (MA)

Linnéa Duckworth

Growing up on rural Dartmoor in South Devon, Linnéa would explore, engage with, and feel nourished by nature: these experiences have had a lasting effect on her creative practice. Transient seasonal cycles and shifting landscapes have provided sources of inspiration for Linnéa’s artistic work. Dancing from a young age, movement and the body have always been a fascination for Linnéa; the kinesthesia that textiles offer inspires a meaningful understanding of self and the world. 

Before joining the RCA, Linnéa began her artistic studies at Loughborough University, specialising in mixed media, which included a year spent studying Fashion at Joshibi University in Tokyo, Japan.

Linnéa standing in front of a wall of pleated colourful samples looking at the camera

As an interdisciplinary artist, my practice moves across textiles, dance, and film, all of which gesture towards the rhythms of nature and time. I am often inspired by philosophy and the natural world using botanical colour, draping and pleating to create moments of reflection, connection and pause.

breathing landscape: moving the sensorial body offers a personal reflection on the climate crisis while exploring how we have become increasingly separated from the natural world in our modern lives. Through collaborations within the field of dance, sound and film I explore performance, the embodiment of textiles and movement. My work strives to engage with the senses, in order to communicate emotion through intuitive movement and sensorial engagement with textiles.

This project aims to create a mindful encounter and space in which one is aware of their body and receptive to new sensory capacities. The work invites us to reconnect with nature, our own bodies and each other, as we engage with the challenges of the climate emergency. We need our full selves present - our physical, emotional, intuitive, thoughtful, sensual, and spiritual selves.

Silk dipped in Indigo which looks like mountains on sewn panels of antique kimono fabric
Textile installation detail. Photograph by Matthew Pontin

A large-scale textile installation with nature’s colours provided an open-ended space for sensing and movement opportunities. Here, narratives were brought to life through the movement and interaction with the textiles, contributing to a poetic response that expresses our hyper-separation from the natural environment. The materials seemed to have their own life, inspiring the choreography and adding to the overall experience.

dancers jumping in costume in a trio of images
silhouette of dancer pushing through the layers of translucent silk fabric
Hand touching pink naturally dyed silk
dancers blurred with blue and pink costumes moving into each other
Dancers: Anders and Linnéa Duckworth. Photographs by Matthew Pontin
naturally dyed pleats falling in a rapid flow
pleats in 9 images on a white background each image the pleat is twisted or manipulated into a different shape
With pleating, the unfold extends like the body, to evolve and to reveal new possibilities and perceptions of textiles
close up on naturally dyed organza silk with natural light
pleated samples
Sketchbook pages showing watercolour paintings of ombres inspired by the natural world
Capturing transient colour
Quote - Movement, to be experienced, has to be 'found' in the body, not put on like a dresser coat. Mary Whitehouse
close up of pleats curved into each other dyed with natural colours
By experimenting with dyeing using botanical colours, nature itself becomes a material.
ikat weave detail and dip-dyed acrylic with light shining through it

Expression of colour and movement through drape and assemblage. These works explore space, gesture and rhythm to delve into the sensorial present. 

draped naturally dyed fabrics with pleated fabric in location space
Photographs by Matthew Pontin
detail of draped fabric peachy colour with ombre of indig


Naturally dyed silks

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