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Design Products (MA)

Luana Meneux

Luana is a French product designer based in London. After undertaking a bachelor’s in product and furniture design at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL), she joined the master's degree in Design Product at the Royal College of Art. Her practice is process and research oriented. She aims to approach her projects through different themes and angles and enjoys experimenting and documenting in a methodical way.

Degree Details

School of DesignDesign Products (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Third floor

Picture of me

I recently found an interest in human/machine relationships and my position as a designer at the intersection of this interaction. Throughout my master’s degree I have been exploring the impact of technologies on our society; from making processes to the way we interact with objects. This research is the beginning of an experimental process which aims to twist the conventional way we perceive machines and technological tools in the field of humanized machine learning. By either pushing its boundaries or looking at its typology, it establishes a never ending open dialogue in which I drown my interest.

Two stools with textures on them

The digital making machine leaves tool traces on the object as it attempts to make sense of the human design. By emphasizing the tool traces, it investigates the machine’s self expression when leaving space for it. The machine interpretes the input design to create various translations of its own. Machine settings are adjusted to explore patterns and their textures. By referencing ancient french ornamentation I aim to bridge the gap between physical objects and using digitally-aided machines 

This research also delves into human intervention with the 2D interface. By experimenting with a visual representation of the tool path, it aims to make accessible the hidden aspects of the machine. The relation within the numerical 2D interface which becomes a 3D tangible outcome fascinates me. I tend to uncover my personal vision of the poetic aspect of both machine and interface and by highlighting it. 

By exploring the interplay between technology and craft, this project seeks to challenge traditional notions of making and pave the way for new possibilities and future cultural heritage in the realm of design and creation. Those notions and experiments are emphasized into a final piece of furniture that serves as a tangible representation.  

This research is the beginning of an experimental process which also leads to further questions such as the role and limitation of human’s intervention in the process.

Wood samples with textures
wood samples and leg stool prototype with patterns on them.
Prototype, textures and frame
Wood samples and graphics
Various machine translations of the same input.
View of the stool, textures, composition with the frame