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Service Design (MA)

Lu Ye

Starting from the initial idea of 'sustainability and business', my partner and I have spent a lot of effort learning about people's daily habits and the current second-hand market. We visited dozens of charity shops and established stable partnerships with several of them.

During our research, we found that currently, the lifespan of stuffed toys is severely underestimated. The cleaning and caring process for stuffed toys is not clear nor standardised, which hinders their reusing and recycling journey.

Our project STARFFY aims to extend the life of stuffed toys by providing users with information and cleaning products which help them easily take good care of their toys. By making stuffed toys shiny again, STARFFY has the potential to create environmental and commercial value.

A photo of me

I have always believed that business can make our society a better place. In this project, my teammate and I practice this business philosophy -- expand the lifespan of stuffed toys and reduce waste from the toy industry.

Make the caring of plush toys no longer mysterious Build lifelong friendships with your furry friends
Three parts of our offerings. STARFFY hub, STARFFY tools, and STARFFY support
STARFFY hub gives everything you want to know about your stuffy friends
STARYYF tools are specialised for your stuffy friends
STARFFY support is a cleaning consultancy for businesses around second-hand stuffed toys
Together, we bring toy company, consumers and second-hand business together to make a better future for stuffies
We have positive value for consumers, toy companies, second-hand business and the environment
We also have sustainable business model