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Animation (MA)

Linxi Huang

Linxi Huang is an illustrator, animator, and tattoo artist who lives in London.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Loughborough University in 2021 and studied graphic design with the main direction in illustration design. The undergraduate study experience taught her how to conduct professional design work and how to work in a team, and she found the direction and general style she was interested in. She decided to switch to animation after trying to produce her first short stop-motion film Apartment after graduating with her BA.

In 2022, she began to study for a master’s degree at the Royal College of Art and preliminarily transferred from illustration to animation. The study of the master’s degree made her start to think more deeply about how to convey the complete plot in the picture, and more about adding more dynamic language from the still image.

Leap_Wet cat

The theme of this animated project is escaping domestication. The protagonist is born in a garden and is drawn to a butterfly, causing him to miss the training from the gardener. While his siblings undergo training to work in the garden, he chases the butterfly and embarks on a marvelous journey that ultimately leads to his escape from the garden. The garden symbolizes a collaborative community with discipline and management, while the butterfly represents the temptation of freedom, freshness, and desire outside of the community. The protagonist possesses his own free will and can choose to return to work as a cog in the community or break away from it. The movie is not meant to criticize the advantages or disadvantages of collectivism or individualism, nor is it meant to vilify either ideology. Its focus is on expressing the viewpoint that personal will and freedom of life are vast wildernesses that flow freely.

In Collaboration with:

Geoffrey Harper


Zhou (Molly) Yang

Sound design

Joe Hirst

Sound mix


Collages, Paper cuts, Digital drawing


Cat and hand
Color test 1
Color test 2
Color test 3
Color test 4
Working process 1
Working process 2

A story of an attempt to escape family hegemony.


Paint on paper, 2D animation, Stop motion