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Digital Direction (MA)

Lanxin Zheng 郑兰芯

Lanxin Zheng is a digital artist and game interaction designer based in London and Chengdu. She studied film, 3D animation and game design as part of her undergraduate studies at Communication College of Zhejiang. Her work often explores non-human and novel experiences through multiple media, to leave the real world by projecting excess emotion onto other media. She is passionate about using brain science to explore the inner self, sometimes combined with mysticism.

A cool girl

There is no love that does not come with the desire of control. It is even the inequality between relationships that makes them stronger. The psychological source behind the formation of pets also stems from the power disparity hidden behind intimate relationships. Our penchant for domination and empathy drives us to make others our pets and playthings.

Goldfish, a typical ornamental fish that has been selectively bred in captivity for many years to show how control can be softened by affection and become acceptable. All goldfish species are bred from common crucian carp. From the dull, ordinary fish of the past, they have evolved into colorful, varied, and even monstrous forms.

The film takes the perspective of the goldfish, freeing its self-will from the aesthetics and control of its owner. Showing the goldfish's jailbreak with a double screen. When the goldfish fled, they returned to their original crucian carp appearance, and leaving the burden of their selectively bred appearance behind.

a fish
a fish
Two fishs
2 goldfishs