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Digital Direction (MA)

Madhavi Bhagwat

Madhavi Shrish Bhagwat is a visual artist and XR storyteller designing inclusive experiences and environments.

She was awarded the Apple Scholarship to pursue her MA in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art.

Prior to the RCA, she worked as an independent 3D designer and created VR marketing solutions for Unilever. At present, she is an AR creator with Snapchat, expanding the creative possibilities of the new-gen Spectacles. Her latest project Nazar (2023) reframes the protective practices around the evil eye and contextualises them in the age of rampant surveillance.

She previously graduated with a B.Des in Graphic Design from the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, India.

Degree Details

School of CommunicationDigital Direction (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Darwin Building, Lower-ground and Upper-ground floors

Black and White Studio Portrait of Madhavi. Photo by Cressida Jade.

NazarNazar is an ongoing project looking for partners and collaborators for future development. Please get in touch and watch this space to see further development of the project!


Madhavi’s creative practice is informed by language, culture and myth and focuses on creating interesting and accessible XR experiences. During her MA at the Royal College of Art, she co-created projects about identity, digitisation, water (sound, poetry and virtual reality), and connective AR experiences. Her latest project reframes the protective practices of the Nazar and contextualises them in the age of rampant surveillance. She is also currently an independent creator with Snapchat (as of June 2023).

Studio Portrait by Cressida Jade.


What can the protective practices of the ‘Nazar’ teach us about navigating the optics of attention and surveillance in networked technology? Nazar critically examines the cultural concept of the Nazar (evil eye) across the world and the parallels of increasing visibility and surveillance of our lives online and offline.

 Nazar poster
Nazar Gateway
Launch Project


A multi-media artwork and interactive experience


Dimensions varied


A transmedia installation for participants to reflect on the effects and influence of mediated information on the marketing of identity. The installation experience spanned 3D animation, audio, sculpture and headset VR.

A science-fiction about two sections of society, the aspirational Klailas, a cloud city that sells a heavily advertised ‘digital face’ to Lok (affected by bio-warfare) that promises a better life. The experience was divided into two parts: Lok (in the real world) and Klailas (in the virtual world) and took the viewer through the journey of a Lok person who 'achieves' the digital face and ascends to Klailas.

Cyface Cover title Screen
Cloud City Klailas
The reveal
Stills from the Film
Final scene Climax
Stills from the Film
Photo of sculpture, sound and physical installation
Sculpture, audio and physical installation
Cyface Ad installation on two screens
Two-channel video installation


Mixed-media Installation, Headset VR, Audio, 3D Animation, Sculpture


Dimensions varied


A short vignette of a fictional space settlement- on this exoplanet, the sun sets in a matter of seconds giving it the shortest days and long nights.

Created in Unreal Engine 5.

Interior of the spaceship
Spaceship flying towards the camera, 3D render


How might we conserve stories of Water and its intangible cultural heritage, set against the backdrop of climate change?

A Virtual Reality installation, comprising headset VR, projected animations, ambient audio and scent; Sink or Swim tells the sonic stories of six people and their personal and cultural memories of water. The unique methodology of this project involved recording participant interviews, collaborating with a poet to turn those interviews into poems, and having the original interviewees narrate and re-record their poems; which were then developed into immersive soundscapes.

Responsible for conceptualisation, interviews, writing, VR design and development in UE5.

Participant experiencing our immersive headset VR experience with projected visuals in the background
Participant experiencing our immersive experience with projected visuals in the background
Childhood memories, Water story
In-VR experience
Madhavi explaining the VR controls to a participant
Launch Project


Virtual Reality Installation

Apple Scholarship