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Digital Direction (MA)

Lana Kourdi

Storytellers, dressed in traditional attire, shared enchanting tales of wisdom and wonder in Syrian coffee houses, drawing people from all backgrounds. Coffee shop houses served as informal theaters and held a prominent place in Syrian culture and heritage.

Inspired by the aesthetics of Syrian coffee shops recreated by people in the diaspora, the project explores the potential of immersive theatrical experiences and challenge the loss of physical structures by fostering connections among diasporic artists in the virtual realm. 

The project aims to interweave music, performances, original compositions, and personal narratives into a meaningful virtual sanctuary through collaborating with talented Syrian and Arab storytellers, and offering solace and connection for those who have lost touch with their homelands and identities.

Degree Details

School of CommunicationDigital Direction (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Darwin Building, Lower-ground and Upper-ground floors


Lana is a visual designer and a storyteller who believes that the smallest right design descisions can make huge, unseen positive impacts on our lives and environment. She has mixed interests in Graphic Design, Music, Tech, and Science. She's curious about how different fields can meet and result in cross-disciplinary immersive experiences.