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Service Design (MA)

Kexin Liu

London is striving to achieve net carbon-zero in 2030. Transportation, as a major driver to the total emission needs to be transformed. According to this goal, TfL has identified 5 key user groups in the process of electrification. Among the five groups, we choose to focus on the London taxis and their drivers because this group of proud, professional city ambassadors are in the transitioning from old diesel cars into electric vehicles. And the process may not be easy.

field research
Problem Statement & Mission Statement

For London black cab drivers who want to better adapt themselves to the EV system, our solution is a service platform that provides personalised support to the use of cars and online community that shares knowledge and experiences, which may help those who are new to understand this system and form their routine faster and smoother.

Value Proposition
Key Mechanism

Kexin Liu is a designer with a mixed background in Service Design and Media Arts and Design.

Kexin Liu

My passion lies in orchestrating community, technologies, and business to create impactful service journeys that empower people.

By employing empathy and co-creation thinking, I strive to create inclusive solutions and leverage innovative narrativity to deliver compelling stories.