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Fashion (MA)

Keran Zhang

Keran believes that everything consists of the simplest points. By deconstructing the world from molecules to atoms, she explores the fundamental elements of existence. Throughout this process, she continuously analyzes and reflects upon the relationship between space and dimensions. By transitioning between the real and digital worlds, she gains new perspectives and visual insights.

She explores the theme of recombining the relationships between points, lines, surfaces, space, and dimensions using the techniques of Pop Art. Through the digital virtual world and the principles of double-sided mirrors, she reconstructs and deconstructs space and dimensions. By utilizing strong contrasts, patterns, and geometric shapes, she creates visually striking landscapes that provoke contemplation on space and dimensions for viewers.

My daily life photos

As an artist, I have always been fascinated by the simplest elements and compositions that make up everything. I believe that the complexity of the world stems from the combination of basic elements such as points, lines, surfaces, spaces, and dimensions. Through my artwork, I explore and express the relationship between space and dimension, constantly analyzing and reflecting upon their essence. I enjoy recombining these fundamental elements in the style of Pop Art, creating visually striking landscapes and installations. By utilizing the digital virtual world and the principles of double-sided mirrors, I reconstruct and deconstruct space to evoke a thought-provoking artistic experience. Through high contrast black and white, geometric shapes, and patterns, I aim to convey a perception and understanding of space and dimension. My artwork seeks to ignite imagination, contemplation, and exploration of our existence within our environment and dimensions.

The DOT"Reimagined Pop Matrix" can also be seen as a reflection and reimagining of contemporary digital and virtual spaces. The use of 3D technology allows us to create infinite possibilities of space and dimensions within virtual environments. By integrating Pop Art into this digital dimension, the artwork explores the interplay between digital space and art. In essence, "Reimagined Pop Matrix" offers a multi-dimensional artistic experience. It engages the audience in interactive encounters within physical space.
Split my name on a two-dimensional plane, any reorganization, and construct it into a three-dimensional space for observation
When light continuously reflects between double-sided and single-sided mirrors, it creates a visual depth that resembles another dimensional space. I find this phenomenon fascinating and thought-provoking, as it challenges our perception of reality and opens up possibilities for exploring alternate dimensions.
The performance of different patterns under the abyss mirror
Abyss mirror combined with POP refactored name
Pattern of POP
digital crystal
black and white digital pop world
POP MATRIXThe space formed by the continuous reflection of mirrors evokes a sense of infinite possibilities and transformations. Every time I see the reflection in a mirror, I can perceive the intertwining of multiple images and dimensions.
pattern of geometry
Each mirror is an entrance to another dimension
Each mirror is an entrance to another dimension
A corner of the pop world
People living in the pop matrix, the body structure is composed of geometric blocks and pop patterns, which constantly change with the change of perspective