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Design Products (MA)

Kathleen Wang

Kathleen Wang is a digital product designer driven by a deep passion for effectively conveying ideas and enhancing the interaction between humans and interfaces/objects.

Her work centres on transferring information, improving communication, and creating engaging educational experiences.

Before pursuing postgraduate studies, she earned a Bachelor's degree from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in financial administration.

She is enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge and sharing it with others. Consequently, she founded the B&D LAB podcast, where she interviews CEOs and designers from various industries, guiding students in adapting to college life and charting their future journeys.

❚ Awards

  • 2022 MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts & Design
  • James Dyson Award | National Runner-up
  • Yodex Industry-Academia Cooperation|Gold Medal Award
  • Best of Young Pin Design Award|Awarded

Degree Details

School of DesignDesign Products (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Third floor

Kathleen Wang
“They own the search box, and we put our dreams in it. And they eat them, and they tell us who we are right back.” — Eben Moglen 2012, re:publica conference

Bubble & Bias is a project that aims to construct a compelling and provocative solution that prompts people to critically reassess the present state of information consumption patterns influenced by AI, businesses, and users themselves.

❚ "Bubble & Bias" Manifesto

◆ Resist Algorithm

◆ Resist Filter Bubble

◆ Empower Freedom to Think

Who should be the information gatekeeper?AI algorithms act as gatekeepers for the overwhelming amount of content available on social media. However, relying on them raises the question of whether we are relinquishing control over the information we receive.
Algorithm design & users' behaviour leads to confirmation bias
Should we let AI determine our identity and influence our thoughts?   Who should control the flow of information?
Graph that shows the evidence of design process
In the design & development process, I experimented to understand people's views about the labelling system I created to combat misinformation. After that, I redefined the concept and held a workshop to spark debates and gather participant feedback.
Resist algorithm- alter the interface and make it easier for users to “keep their digital footprint private”.
Term-of-use summarized at-a-glance
resist filter bubble - If bias detected, window alerts bias & suggests alternative perspectives for broader understanding.
Empower freedom to think

2022 MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts & Design