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Service Design (MA)

Kasia Bruzda

I'm a multidisciplinary creative working at the intersection of product, service, and design research, most recently at Spotify and Olio. 

My projects at the RCA focus on applying design thinking to drive social innovation: ranging from helping refugees in accessing culturally-relevant information, supporting parents through a shared childcare platform, and helping people with dementia and their families save treasured memories.

My projects have been awarded in international competitions (Student Service Design Challenge 2022, Homeking Service Design 2022) and received backing from industry partners to be taken forward. 

Kasia Bruzda: profile picture

My favorite aspect of design is akin to studying the infinite expanse of the sky— always asking, 'what lies beyond?' It is this open-minded curiosity, this constant exploring that fills me with joy.

Just as the sky is never the same, I aim to always seek new questions, knowing that each query unveils another layer of understanding.


Attune: capture the story behind each picture

Attune is a collaborative service design project co-produced with people living with dementia, and a partner organisation, Music Mirrors. Attune enhances joyful experiences and self-expression for individuals living with dementia.

With 1 in 3 people born today expected to develop dementia, Attune recognizes the need for improved person-centred care and quality of life. By reimagining the traditional camera roll on your phone, Attune transforms the way we capture and preserve memories, throughout life. It incorporates sensory details such as songs, sounds, and scents, utilising artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology while optimising existing data on your phone.

Attune enables mindful documentation of memories, allowing for later reminiscing and reconnecting with loved ones. Furthermore, it creates a comprehensive profile that can be accessed by your care and support network, offering insights into your life, experiences, and interests. This profile fosters conversations, connections, understanding, and trust between caregivers and those receiving care.

Eva - persona
Maggie - persona
Carol is a host in the UK who has opened her home to a Ukrainian refugee, Natalya. They each share their perspective as they struggle to navigate the myriad of challenges that come with fleeing war and resettling in a new country.


Refugees face a myriad of barriers to accessing trusted information, which leads to vulnerability and reliance on their first point of contact.

Our mission is to create a refugee-led service platform which enables community members to share lived experiences, easing the challenges of resettlement.

Using a myriad of service design tools including co-creative workshops, journey mapping, blueprinting and prototyping we developed our final service concept entitled Context.

Context is a browser extension which supports refugees by overlaying crowdsourced cultural interpretations of information onto existing websites. Allowing a community of individuals and organisations to provide insights and tips based on their lived experiences.  

It’s like if Grammarly offered culturally interpreted advice instead of spelling & grammar checks. 

Context was co-created, developed, and validated through a series of in-depth interviews, workshops, and feedback sessions with members of the Ukrainian refugee community. We ran ideation and co-creation exercises with stakeholders during our weekly meetings at the White Eagle, charting possible solutions. In the process, we heard enlightening personal stories that informed our final outcome.

Our top insights: cultural interpretation is key, community contact helps, connective tissue is missing.
Context: for new arrivals who need help renting a flat, finding a job, and more!
Collage with pictures from the process of creating Context