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Fashion (MA)

Junya Bai

Junya Bai, born in China in 1997, is a visual artist and fashion designer currently living in London.

With her heightened sensitivity and empathetic nature, Junya explores her unique narrative language through a humanistic perspective. Her work encompasses experimental film, 3D animation, and fashion design. Influenced by her fashion background, her creations are intimately connected to the body, employing digitally characters to fulfill her storytelling.


In my consciousness, it seems that baring emotions exposes fragility, and I feel a sense of shame in intuitively expressing my innermost feelings. Every extreme emotion, be it joy, sadness, anger, or fear, appears to validate my vulnerability. Even in face of family and friends, I perceive the act of expressing myself as a burden upon others. Thus, I silently endure. Yet, this does not make those emotions vanish. In an unexpected moment, they eagerly intertwine, giving rise to an incessant whirlpool, relentlessly stirring and engulfing me at the storm's center.

Within me, those enigmatic yet magnificent emotions surge like relentless waves. Eventually, I have chosen to give them voice through this means. 

With a mask on, but naked.





concept poster
I personification and visualise each emotion based on the Chinese medicine theory. Each overwhelming emotion is like a toxic monster, with great power that is also the reason for their death. The death of each emotional avatar symbolises the death of a part of me. As the overwhelming emotion is restrained, each death also means a new birth.
workflow and character relationship
Design of character Si
Design of character Si-思
Design of character Nu
Design of character Nu-怒
Design of character Ai
Design of character Ai-哀