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Textiles (MA)

Junhao Wang

Junhao Wang, a knitting artist and a Chinese plastic shaman.


studied at Chelsea College of Art, London


worked as product planning in Shanghai 

Degree Details

School of DesignTextiles (MA)KnitRCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, First and second floors

Shaman costume

Why don't you believe that plastic has a spirit? 

Once the centre of nature was nature, but today the centre of nature seems to be human.

Human beings dictate what is and is not natural. Today's environmentalists are very worried about the harm of plastic and the uncontrolled exploitation of oil by human beings. But in fact, this may still stand on the standpoint of anthropocentrism, because protecting the environment is still protecting the environment on which human beings live. There is a lack of understanding and awe of nature in the true sense. I think it's this distinction that leads to the problems people have with these contemporary materials that are not considered natural today. The lack of reverence for nature creates a deep separation between nature and people. It is also this separation that prevents people from realizing that plastic, a material that is not understood as a natural object, is also spiritual and needs awe.

So I wonder why plastic is so widely considered unnatural? Why don't we believe plastic has spirit?

My work is me as a shaman trying to communicate with the plastic spirit.l

front of shaman costume
back of shaman costume