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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Mr Jonathon D C Allen

sketches of a car
A collection of renders and features


Our Car is a vehicle designed for students to share with their housemates during their time at university. The vehicle would be leased by the university with a maximum of 1 per houshold in an attemt to drive down mobility costs for students and the free up space on the roads. The vehicle will be rugged and designed for customisation.

The car will use physical acts of emotional expression and interaction to create a deeper emotional bond with each user, much like a companion.


exploring scooter culture
usage sketches
design development
interior and usage
Final 3D renders
Users sitting on outside of the vehicle, socialising

Love Seat

This car was inspired by small car and scooter culture, looking at how such a small, silly and simple solution can be loved by so many. I focussed on young couples, and captued the essence of a scooter ride with a cosy, intimate seatign position and small footprint. Users can also use the car as a gathering point, almost like street furniture, leaning, climbing and sitting on it any way they please.



Jonathon is an automotive designer from Rochdale, UK. His passion is advanced exterior design with a core concept built around user interaction. He tackles topics such as emotional connection, physical interaction and playful design. Jonathon takes a creative approach to design, building advanced concepts to bring joy to their eventual users.

My mum likes this one. A picutre of me.

During my time at RCA I have been able to explore completely new ideas and methods, working in an incredibly collaborative studio with of group of super creative minds, all bouncing off one another. This has been without a doubt the biggest contributor to my development as a designer.

If I had to describe myself as a designer I would say I am fun. I love to be creative and try new ideas. My aspiration is to work in advanced exterior design, however I consider every concept as a wholistic piece, stemming from a core emotion or experience, but focussing heavily on emotional connection and feeling through considered exterior form.

On a personal note, I am a very social guy, I love spending time wiht friends and doing outdoor activity like sports or generally exploring.