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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Jade Rivalland

Jade Rivalland is a creative designer from Nantes, France. Determined & passionate, she tackles global issues in her work, focusing on themes such as sustainability, smart tech & new experiences for the automotive industry. Jade's work carries forward-thinking concepts in order to challenge the human relationship to the future of mobility. Questioning the way we use products and vehicles, she is always wondering “what if?” to imagine what our future could be made of.

Degree Details

School of DesignIntelligent Mobility (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Rausing Building, First floor


As cities grow bigger by the day, future urban life will be featured with diversity, sustainability, technology and mobility. While environmental concerns become increasingly urgent, we can expect the next generation to face new challenges, and sustainable practices are likely to become more widespread in the field of mobility. New models of (not so much anymore) futuristic cities are emerging, so how would mobility fit in those future urban areas , and what would be the needs of the 2040 urban population? How would that influence the way young people move around in existing European cities? At the same time, life will be surrounded by AI and other new technologies, creating a new balance between the on & off line, and younger users will have different expectations from the off line, the physical life. After the era of purity and minimalism, youth tends to want humaneness back in their life. How to create a new aesthetics, more human centered and user friendly ? For young people, often outside and hanging out in groups, the need to move within the city in essential. How can we meet the emerging needs of the next young generation to provide a dedicated mobility solution based on the urban lifestyle ?


pen sketches of young people, sneakers, with touches of bright blue and orange
THE COOL KIDOUTBOUND is my final master project, a lifestyle-based modular vehicle to move around with your friends, also being a spot to hang out that blends into the urban landscape. (WIP)
man riding a 3-wheel red scooter in front of London buses
what is RYDE ?RYDE is a 3-wheel electric scooter which connects people to place through more flexible, sustainable and enjoyable journeys, through a solution which meets Londoners needs and has a distinct London design identity.
first day in london, looking for a vehicle to visit London easily. On the maps, RYDE is free for your first day.
unlocking the RYDE thanks to QR code
first stop Buckingham Palace
no battery ? you can charge your phone on the way
get down on the left side instinctively
details of the RYDE
detailsdetails of the RYDE

The AMEEA Scholarship