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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Jiayi Yu

I am deeply fascinated by the profound emotional effects and memory recall that can be evoked through the tactile signals conveyed between touch and non-touch in artworks. I am particularly drawn to exploring this phenomenon using the visual space theory and secondary identification as my primary research methods, which allow me to transform two-dimensional works into tangible three-dimensional pieces.

My objective is to delve into the intricate relationship between touching behavior, emotions, and memory recall by examining previous artworks and relevant theories. By understanding how touch is transmitted through artworks and how it triggers tactile signals that awaken memories, I aim to unlock new avenues of artistic expression.


A filmmaker

A dreamer

A normal person

Explore the distance of touch using different mediums. Each piece ends with a touch, presented in a different storytelling context. The seemingly disordered variety of touches is assembled through the arrangement. Different stories are explored with different touches. Looking at one of the pair in isolation, it is a seemingly disorderly variety of touches. None of the touches appear to be justified or logical. At the same time, the different numbers of combinations create different emotions for me.


This short film is about desire and images, focusing on a central character who wants to touch, but does not touch. In the video, there are three separate scenes which overlap. The first scene introduces the character who is sitting inside a photographic darkroom, searching for images of her desired object. She gazes at the images and attempts to touch the projection, but is only about to touch the image. In the second scene, the character is outside, interacting with nature and in the final scene we find