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Painting (MA)

Jiarong Chen

Jiarong Chen(b.1994) is a Chinese artist who grew up in Shenzhen and is currently based in London. She obtained her BA in Fine Art, Painting, at Guangdong University of Technology(2016). Her work has been exhibited in the UK and China. She is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the relationships between technology philosophy, art and health, and ecosystems.

A photo of an artist wearing a blue shirt, standing with crossed arms.

Jiarong's art springs from a curiosity for biology and geometry, seeking to untangle the intricate web of vision, technology, brain science, and nature. Her work critically investigates our embodied cognition in a technologically saturated age. Straddling the paradox of scientific knowledge and mystical unknowns, she finds a unique inspiration that influences her creations.


She weaves art, philosophy, and technology into her narrative, resulting in visually striking paintings. Using medical diagrams and geometric shapes, she creates a blend of visual metaphors inspired by cross-cultural historical imagery. Her work challenges the visual-centricism in today's digital world. It introduces a symbiosis of traditional media and emerging virtual reality technologies, breaking away from the unidimensionality of visual truth, and suggesting a more multifaceted representation of reality.


Central to her work is the concept of complex systems, which she uses to question the traditional mind-body dichotomy prevalent in the modern era. Her art illuminates the possible influences of technology and algorithmic governance on our lives, pondering how these elements might reshape our physical perceptions and attention.


In Jiarong's practice, everything is interconnected, mirroring her insights gained from ecology and neuroscience. This principle manifests in her artwork through layered compositions, with various elements intricately linked, suggesting not just relationships but dialogues between them. Her art becomes a visual exploration of the possibilities within diverse ecosystems, urging viewers to consider a more holistic and planetary way of thinking.

An oil painting
Reality with no boundsGrounded in the realm between digital and real imagery, my art navigates through a world of existential realities, akin to exploring a digital cavern in which the screen is our present-day 'cave.' While these images pull us in, the deceptive ontology they present is always destined to be transcended by the elevation of consciousness. As we step out of the metaphorical 'cave,' away from the mere flickers of our past existence, we find ourselves in a boundless universe of replicas.
installation with painting
top of the painting
beneath of the painting
below the painting
a hammer made by leather


Water mixable oil on canvas, found material, leather, wood, magnifying lens, mirror


190cm x90 cm
An oil painting
StackThe term "Stack" originates from computer technology and refers to a place where data is temporarily stored. This work explores the ambiguous relationship between people in the physical world and the virtual world in the era of big data. Through three different dimensional levels, it implies the changes that arise from our immersion in technology.
A square oil painting
When you look at it, it's stereoscopicThis works explore the intersection of the visual and digital realms, and the ways in which they reflect and inform one another. Using a combination of traditional and digital media, I create immersive experiences that transport the viewer to a liminal space where the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds blur. Audiences can scan the painting and then see the AR in front of them.
Right hand side of the painting
Launch Project
mirror with QR-code
mirror with QR-code